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Volunteer Guidelines

We welcome your caring service, laughter, talents and enthusiasm. A team is now being formed in upcoming Braco Gazing Event cities, and anyone who wishes to support Braco, and his loving work to help improve people's lives, can become a volunteer at an event.
► Volunteer Coordinator contact information is located at the bottom of every upcoming live event page.

Preparation for a Braco Gazing Event can begin months before the actual event is scheduled to take place in a specific location. Therefore, we will also invite you to assist with the many ongoing coordinated projects to promote ‘Braco awareness’ in the community of the tour event of your choosing. There are so many opportunities for people to share and interact, and many friendships begin working at a local level before the event.




Events are usually one or two days in length, but sometimes three or four days

Events usually offer 8 – 10 gazing sessions per day

A Gazing Session lasts 30 – 35 minutes per session


Volunteers must be able to work a full day. You are welcome to work one or all event days. Many responsibilities accompany each position, and we have found through experience that it is best to have volunteers on hand all day to help us ensure the continuity of the event flow with a knowledgeable staff willing to serve. We have also found that most volunteers simply do not wish to leave because of what the feel and experience during their volunteer service.


Volunteers are guaranteed two gazing sessions per day. We will do our best to schedule plenty of volunteers each day, so that we may rotate people in for extra sessions whenever possible – but please understand that we must always place the needs of those attending the event first. Ensuring that all positions are fully covered is paramount for the safety, comfort and timely flow of our visitors each session. Those in service are treated as being in service!


There are a limited number of positions for volunteers at each event. Each position is equally important and sometimes we need to move people around during the event. Please be flexible.


Volunteers are expected to be on time for their shifts, and of course you may show up early. We hold people accountable and take service to those seeking help as our top priority. If someone cannot fulfill their duties, exhibits a poor attitude or arrives late (without calling their Volunteer Team Coordinator), they will be relieved of their duties and may not volunteer at a future event.


Food for volunteers at events: At larger events, a lite lunch and snacks will be catered by Awakening Within for the volunteer staff – to be served in a specially designated area. Most of our venues/event hotels do NOT allow outside food to be brought in or eaten in the banquet area where the event is held. Some hotels are VERY strict on this policy, and we thank you for your understanding. If you have a special diet or needs, we are usually able to make a few exceptions for people in this category. Please consult with your Volunteer Team Coordinator. If we are not able to provide catered snacks (as at smaller anticipated events), volunteers will be asked to bring their own snacks or meal, and be given a break to eat in a convenient and designated location. 


Volunteer Dress Code: Volunteers are asked to wear smart and comfortable attire. Our volunteers set the first impression, and visitors will meet you before Braco. Please dress with pride and in the spirit of being a representative for this event. We strongly encourage everyone to wear white or light colored items of clothing. In general, people associate white with purity, spirit and healing, and are soothed and uplifted by lighter colors. Volunteers should NOT wear all black or all dark colors to an event. Prints are OK with modest black or dark background coloration, and khaki and tan pants are an acceptable alternative for men & women (who may not have many white/light color choices in the wardrobe). Most volunteers will be standing for longer periods of time, so please ensure that you wear the appropriate shoes for your comfort. Absolutely NO torn or stained tee shirts please.


Braco Etiquette: Braco has not spoken for over eight years in public, and he does not interact with people in general. This is because his mission is to gaze, and to offer a silent gift to the people that helps them to transform – this goes beyond words. He is not here to answer people’s questions or to be a guru figure, and he treats everyone equally. Yet, most visitors would welcome a chance to take a photo of him, shake his hand, tell him their personal story or ask for advice. So as a volunteer, you become a guardian of protecting Braco’s privacy and ensuring his security, so that he may do his work without distraction. Please honor Braco’s space, and if you see someone stop him as he is passing in the hall, or attempting to take his photo, make it your responsibility to step in to politely guide that visitor away or inform them not to take any pictures of Braco. Visitors seeing Braco for the first time may not know much about him, so if you see someone approaching him, simply step forward to gently guide them away and explain that Braco greatly appreciates and ‘feels’ their love and support, but does not interact with people to maintain a special wordless purity with the gift being offered.





GREETERS:  This position manages and directs the flow of visitors in the lobby area. As visitors come in the door of the venue, greeters will direct people to the ticket desk, identify the line to wait in for the next session, point out rest rooms, etc. and offer people a brochure or flyer.


TICKET SALES STAFF: Cash Register or Credit Card Machine knowledge is very helpful.


PRODUCT DESK STAFF: Cash register, credit card machine or sales knowledge is very helpful. Volunteers should also become familiar with Braco DVDs, the book, ’21 Days with Braco, and the meaning behind the Sun Jewelry.


AUDIO/LIGHTING SUPPORT: Experience with mixers, microphones, projectors or lighting helpful. Only needed at some events.


LOBBY GUARDIANS:  This position monitors the lobby area to offer assistance as needed, along with crowd direction and assistance with the gazing room door security once a session has begun.


TICKET COLLECTING/DOOR: Ticket scanners will be used to read the bar codes on tickets printed at home by attendees. This position also ensures that no one enters after a session begins. There is an important responsibility to check the ID of anyone who even remotely looks like they are under 18 years of age. If ID cannot be provided, that individual absolutely cannot attend the session. Please instruct other members accompanying a minor to instead bring in a photo of the minor or hold the minor in their thoughts during the gazing, to help bridge the gift of Braco to this individual. A refund for the minors ticket will also be given by the box office. 

*For those working in this position, please note your responsibility in this special case:  Periodically, someone will be brought in by a friend or family member who is usually in a wheel chair, because they have a condition where they cannot control their bodily movements or vocal outbursts. An individual with such a serious condition may NOT attend the gazing session personally, for their own protection. This is a delicate situation, and the volunteer must kindly but firmly explain that people in this condition may be best helped by someone in the party bringing in the individual's photo or holding them in their mind during the session.  This is the most balanced way to help this individual case, while ensuring it is not an overpowering experience for them.


MEDICAL SUPPORT: Medical doctors or trained nurses who wish to serve by being on hand to assist in the case that someone is overcome by the energy is greatly needed.


GAZING ROOM GUARDIANS: We especially encourage sturdy men to assist here – physical strength is needed in rare cases when someone may need to be lifted out of the gazing room. Occasionally, someone may become lightheaded or faint (Fasting is usually the cause here, because the energy is potent and needs the body to have fuel!). People with medical or nursing experience are valued highly in this position. Also, people who are comfortable with crowd management, and can kindly, but firmly direct people for seating. Occasionally, a strong emotional reaction can happen for some in the audience, and we need volunteers who can kindly, but firmly guide someone out of the room if needed for that person’s safety and to ensure a quiet experience for the audience.

*Please read special case note under TICKET COLLECTING/DOOR. This also applies to guardians to monitor.


For those who understand and take to heart our necessary guidelines of service, this is a wonderful opportunity to participate in a monumental event that truly helps countless individuals and can transform lives in ways that sometimes are no less than extraordinary. We value all those dear souls who are called to give back, and the friendships and team spirit that come from theses events are worth their weight in gold! Thank you to all of you who will join our Braco Family Teams.



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