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Braco Video Clips

Discover more about Braco viewing these excellent short video clips:




Braco – Next Step Russia:
New 2/25/14: Braco´s first trip to Russia created deeply touching and impressing moments and experiences and the souls of his Russian visitors opened immediately to his gift …

Braco, The Gaze of Peace:

Braco's Gaze: Oneness

Braco's Visit to United Nations Church Center:

On November 16th, 2012, Braco was invited to a United Nations community event. He was introduced as an ambassador of peace, and he presented his loving gaze to a full room of UN peace workers, delegates, mission members, and the Croatian ambassador, along with his wife. Many of those present that day commented that they felt this was an important part of a global transformation, and an experience of unprecedented peace and planetary healing. Enjoy this video as a short representation of that miraculous day in New York City.


10 minute Introductory Clip:




Vet's Testimonies about Braco


A Skeptic's Testimonial


Karen & Mother in English and Español 


Engineer's testimonial, Researcher Drago Plecko talks about Braco's impact, & a moving story from Blanca:





From "Evolution – The Age of Live Streaming" DVD


 From "The Golden Bridge" DVD 


From the "From Spark to Flame" DVD


From "Journey to Braco" DVD


From "Fifteen Years with Braco" DVD


Braco, The Gaze of PeaceBraco's Visit to United Nations Church Center, Vet's Testimonials


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