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Share in the joy of other people's transformations and healings by reading these stories of hope, or post your own testimonial to inspire people and help them to open to the unlimited possibilities that can be awakened within us by Braco's gaze.


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"On Dec. 21st 2012 I was gazing with Braco via the livestream from Miami, Florida and was thrilled to be present to witness a personal improvement in my life. Prior to gazing I was down, feeling low but Braco*s persistence in gazing with me brought me so much joy and liberation from what was keeping me locked. That huge, enormous white golden shine came right before me bringing me peace and serenity. Therefore, I managed to regain my balance through Braco*s gaze, for which I am infinitely thankful. Thank you Braco & team." –Marijan Rodin, Croatia


"My name is Eos. I live in Sedona, Arizona. I learned about Braco in May of 2011. An acquaintance of mine told me about him. She didn't say much, other than he is really amazing to go see. She said she could take my photo. So I said, "Sure, take my photo!" I looked him up on the internet, saw his face, and I couldn't look at him. I couldn't look at his face. I just couldn't do it. (I think there was too much light!) 

No one knew, but emotionally I was in terrible pain. I did not come from a loving family, so I was always longing for love. I was in deep emotional pain, and had addictions and such. I have always been in deep emotional pain. I was also feeling self hatred, and hatred towards humanity. I made sure I was isolated from humanity as well. I would sleep all day and be up all night to avoid humanity! I also suffered post traumatic stress, so at night, I would feel extremely lonely and feel extreme fear while laying in bed, trying to sleep. 
So this woman took my photo to Phoenix and showed my photo 4 times. I forgot all about her showing my photo, but months later my life just started to dramatically change…..so I figured it had to do with Braco. I felt different, for some reason more and more money kept showing up in my life (and I don't even care about money!) addictions started falling away, etc. So this was May of 2011. 
Fast forward to May 2012. I felt like looking at the website again. And wow, there is a live stream! So I did it. At first, I felt NOTHING. But session after session, I started to break down and cry a river. Also, I have dry eye issue, and also tight eye muscles, so I couldn't look at the screen without my eyes watering and burning. I couldn't even look at Braco, but I kept saying, "I wish I could look at you" over and over….Also, in one eye, I see double because of the dry eye issue. I can't even watch movies or be on the internet for more than 10 minutes at a time. So I would watch the intro videos to Braco and then I was in so much pain I couldn't look at him! 
To make a long story short, I have attended each live stream from May onward in 2012. It is now December. And I can now look at Braco. In fact, I can watch for hours with no eye pain! That is a miracle in itself! … My life is dramatically different. I am up during the day, I have close friends that live in the same town, (was praying for that) my family is now loving. I am no longer isolated. I love life. I love humanity. I love doing my work more than ever. I can sleep at night and not have terror come over me. I have had terror come over me at night all my life. I feel at peace, I don't even long for a boyfriend, or love because I AM LOVE!!!!!!!!  I already have what I have been looking for! 
So each live stream session each month, my eyes got better and better. It hurt so much to look at life, physically and emotionally….but now it doesn't! Thank you Braco, thank you Source! Thank you for connecting me to what was already within me!" — Eos [Dec. 21, 2012]


"Thank-you so much for Braco!  For the livestreaming and the events….I have been gazing now for a year.  I have attended three live events and went for as many sessions as possible. When my schedule permits, I livestream as many sessions as possible. I have witnessed many transformations in my family.  This is so important to me.  I grew up in a home where my parents were terribly unhappy with each other and this resulted in my mom being cold and disconnected and my father sexually abusing us.  We grew up in an affluent suburb and our parents loved us as much as they could and we were fortunate in many ways.  The loneliness though was unbearable and has plagued me into my adult life.  Even now as I gaze, more and more layers of loneliness come out, especially when I become present to the sensations in my body and the stuffed feelings just emerge and tears begin to flow.

This is so healing, it has helped me become more whole.  I feel as if I am being wrapped in an "Invisible Hug" as my tears are shed and I hear encouraging words telling me it is alright, I will find my true love soon and I will not be alone forever…. But the best news ever is that my family has become reunited.  My father and I are on such good terms and my sister has begun gazing also and she has been in contact with me constantly.  The love has healed our family.  I am so grateful. Thank-you so very much Braco and the Dream Team.  I am passing this on as much as I can everyday.

There is one other thing I wanted to add to the testimonial. After the NY event, which was tremendous, a huge healing that has spanned a month occurred for me. It all started with me not meeting a man who had said we would meet at the braco event, but he did not show.  That was easy enough to take being in the braco energy, although I was dissappointed at not seeing him.  I had been looking forward to spending time with him, we had talked on the phone several times after meeting at the NY event over Labor Day. I took the bus home to where my mother lives and it dropped me off on the side of the highway in the dark at 9 pm and it was dark and my mother was late to pick me up.  She did not apologize for being late and for concerning me and how I felt unsafe on the highway and was irritable with me.  Then my car received a ticket for being parked on the wrong side of the road outside her house, although she had been there all day.  The Thanksgiving break had some great moments and a great deal of disconnected moments with my mother, ending with a terrible fight between my brother and mother that sunday.  I wondered why I was experiencing such distress after going to Braco.  Then my special friendship when i got home to vermont seemed to dissolve and I was faced with overwhelming feelings of isolation, despair and why was I even born.  

But I continued to pray and read your book, since someone lost my DVD at my mom's house, and everyday, many tears were shed and I leaned on friends for energy work and support and all of a sudden I realized I had made it through the majority of my childhood pain I had carried all these years.  After over 10 years of therapy and over 6 years of work as an energy worker/clairvoyant, one year of Braco viewing broke through the walls and I am here.  I have faced the pain and I have come out on the other side. The love of Braco is so strong and so pure that I was able to be present with myself in a way that I never could before.  My family was so hard to be in when I was 8, I tried to end it all, but I was 8 and I didn't really know how to do that, i just laid myself in a closet in the basement and covered myself with a comforter and decided I would go to sleep for good…..but they found me a few hours later….but that memory has dogged me ever since and now I have sat with myself and comforted myself and that void, that split has been healed. Thank-you so very much.  I am so looking forward to living a happy life." –Love L. / USA [December 2012]

"Greetings, I was able to attend the Voice of Broco at the Meta Center [NYC] and it was wonderful. I can say I have more clarity, my sleeping is better and i am beginning to make better decisions that were blocking my life previously.  I thank you so much again and will continue to watch for your e-mails. Thanks again." –Awaatif [September 2012]


"I attended my first session yesterday in NY, not knowing what to expect, had skepticism but wanted to know if he was really a healer. Mark Becker from the New Life Expo said "he's the real deal, you gotta see him" at the last expo, so since Braco was here, I went into NY to find out for myself.  I went hoping for relief from pain in both my shoulders (have had 6 prior surgeries) and am currently suffering from a re-injury to one of the shoulders. I also have ocular rosecea which is an immune disease that is effecting my eyes. 
Angelika Whitecliff told us about Braco and we saw a film clip, then we were asked to stand and he entered the room. He looked across the crowd and then began his work. Throughout the gazing he looked at different areas and diffrent people, I think each one got what they needed. (not necessarily what they thought they needed).  I was overcome with some sort of grief release, tears came from my soul, I could not contain them anymore.  He was lifting them and removing them, then there was a warmth and for the first time in the last several weeks the pain from my shoulders stopped.  I still have an injury that needs surgery but that stabbing pain stopped. I know there is healing going on, and when I do get surgery to fix the damage in joint lining it will go well for me …


I say THANK YOU to Braco and I also will be making prayers for his protection in the troubled times that lay ahead for this world.  Peace is not popular with the New World Order,  the goal of the New World Order is a one world army, one world government, one world financial system ultimately to be run by the anti-Christ. Only when the entire world is embroiled in endless wars will people accept the idea of a one world army and government which will be sold to them as the only way to end wars. Men of peace and those who seek to bring peace, will be persecuted. For this reason I will be praying for Braco, and advise everyone else to at least send up a prayer of thankfulness on his behalf." –In gratitude, Gina [Sept. 2012]


Marilyn"I LOVE BRACO!!! I LOVE Angelika's book 21 days with Braco!

My husbands doctor gave his a very grim diagnosis with not much hope. I gazed with his photo. Then we went to LA to see Braco. My husband had additional tests and the doctor called and said his heart is good and no meds necessary.

My life is charmed! I have never felt so much love EVER in my life. The light that came from Braco's eye to me at the live event was a portal of endless love. It activated me. I have never experienced Love like this before. It is endless and it is contagious! Love is contagious! hahahahahaha! Love and Kisses!" –Marilyn E. M., Joshua Tree, CA [August 2012]


"In Miami this May … I was seeing a beautiful peaceful green blue color, then pink and then it ended with a rainbow. Along with a peace I have never felt before, my migraines have vanished.  I live in Florida now, and before it would rain or the barometer would drop, I would suffer terribly. My doctor tried all kinds of medications but to no avail. When I drove back home (the same day I drove up by the way, which is 5 hours, and I was not tired at all) storm clouds were right above me; no migraine. Next day same thing, rain was coming, no migraine. Needless to say I haven't had one since my gazing with Braco!  I used to be in bed for DAYS with these migraines. I no longer have allergies or sinus problems, as I live in Florida the pollen is 24/7, and the humidity, well you know! I still have not had even a regular headache, never mind the migraines!!!!  I am also sleeping better.  SO HAPPY!!!!

I also had my foot operated on 3 times and could not stand on it with out holding on to something. I can stand on it now. I was exposed to 6 months of carbon monoxide about 2 years ago, all damage is GONE.  It used to take enormous effort and a lot of time to complete a task, not anymore, things are just falling into place in the easiest way ever – no more struggle!    Everything is flowing!!!!  Nothing is "bothering" me, where I used to feel hurtful, sad or negative things deeply and for days, it's just rolling off my back, I'm like a duck. I can still understand and sympathize when other people are bothered tho. I am so content! I also have no fear, a deep peace that all will be well. The good stuff just keeps coming, the flow is just amazing!!!" — Love, Aprile  [May 16, 2012]


"I also have to share that I am so completely amazed to not only have my dreams back, but a knowingness that I can actually LIVE them!!!!

I have experienced such a profound inner transformation since October….sooo much Love, peace, and JOY! After many, many years of depression! I will share in greater detail soon…."  

–Namaste, Elizabeth



"Hello Angelika,  I have been to two gazing events (Indianapolis in June – I am the lady who had fibromyalgia) and both days in Chicago with my husband.  I wanted to share that there have been more miracles since then.  My daughter-in-law's mother was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer.  Chemo and radiation did not remove the cancer based on follow up tests.  I had her picture at the gazing events in Chicago and we were in every session for two days.  They did another follow up blood test after the gazing and her blood tests showed she was in complete remission and the follow up MRI after the gazing showed her cancer tumors GONE! 

Braco is a miracle from God and I thank God for sending Braco and Ivica to us.  You have been an angel at his side bringing his love and light to the US for the transformation!  Thank you.  I regret that I did not purchase the sun necklace at the events and was wondering if there are any plans for on-line purchasing.  I feel strongly that the DVD's (which we play in our office wellness center and in our home-our business has picked up tremendously and my dogs are healed from listening to Braco during the day!) and your amazing book as well as the sun symbol bring healing too. Thank you and many blessings." —  Beverly Wahl 


"This is Dana Bartels.  i attended two internet sessions and three in-person gazing sessions.  The live gazing sessions were amazing and truly transforming.  During the last session, which was my third of the week, I saw an aura around Braco, his body only a ray of light.  I thought I was hallucinating for a moment, then I just let my mind relax and my heart open.  I then saw light from everyone in the audience joing with his, and I got a sense of connectedness as never before experienced.  a knowing that we are one child of God.  I have never been happier.  More patient and tolerant and loving of others which is showing as I work with the public on my job, which is resulting in higher pay.  I am more at ease, loss of fear/anxiety.   But the best gift of Braco's gazing I have received, is a new and profound love of others.  On another level, the pain in my wrist is gone and I cancelled my doctors appointment for the time being.
I can't wait to build on these experiences when he returns for his next time with us. Thanks so much for bringing him to us."  — With much Aloha, Dana  [January 2012]

"I received The Golden Bridge DVD and the 21 Days with Braco book a week ago.  It was perfect timing to wipe out horrible pain that was starting to reoccur for me that day.  All I did was touch the book and DVD for my pain to disappear.  I have loved the DVD, I find myself crying tears of pure joy when I listen to The Voice.  I love the book also, I plan to start rereading it all over again.  I find that if I am having any aches or pains, placing the book on those areas of my body chases the pain away! 

I also have placed pictures of loved ones who are sick into the book beside pictures of Braco and they immediately start to improve.  I am sensitive to energies but I have never encountered energy experiences like these!  I find my Inner Spark igniting as I read the book, listen to The Voice and even just read the Trascription of The Voice.  I feel myself radiating energy throughout the day, I feel healthier, calmer, and even physically warmer in this icy Midwest winter we're having this year.  I hope to make it to the Indianapolis viewing that is being planned in April.  It would be even more perfect for there to be a viewing in St. Louis.  As this is even closer to me.  I am drawn to the Sunce and would love the opportunity to purchase one of these wonderful necklaces." — Autumn 

"Thanks for the possibility to see you online, my mom from Italy can enjoy to see you 3 times!  She was less anxious and she said that your looking is full of compassion and inconditional love, she is 74 this years! It would be incredible to see you in Italy or in the italian part of Swizterland. I live in USA, but we need some light in Italy too! Thank you for helping this Planet to make the Great Shift! 10000 of blessings."  — Consuelo Cassoti


"Few months ago my mother was in hospital and doctors said that she has some illness in her eye and they can’t help her. For this illness there is no surgery, even they couldn’t subscribe any glasses, because there is not any. She was blind on this eye. One week after Braco’s glaze, I had her picture, she can see. This is miraculous healing. Angelika thank you so much for bringing Braco to us and thank you Braco for his gift. After seeing Braco I wrote 2 poems , but in polish language. I would like to share with others but I don’t know how and where. I am coming to Arizona for whole day to spend time with Braco, his blessings and people like you. This is a huge blessing for me.

Thank you and I wish all of you many blessings. With Love"  — Mariola     


"Since gazing, I have had tremendous health improvements! I was in a car accident in 2009 that led to brain damage and several physical limitations caused by that event. Being athletic and loving physical activity I was deeply saddened when doctor's read me the long list of things I would not be able to do anymore. Not to mention the brain damage that put a very ambitious girl out of work. I won't babble on but…since gazing and your book, I am happy to say I was able to get back into the ocean this summer and start physical activities again! On a greater note..I have been cleared to return to work which my doctors can't even believe! My brain function has improved quickly and I feel no more pain! So I thank you and Braco with all the love and light in my heart and am forever grateful! My light is shining brighter then ever! In love and light,"– Caitlin Crouthamel


► Share Your Story 2010 – More stories emailed to us when Braco first began touring in the U.S. in early 2010


97 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. I live in India. I recently came to know about Braco from Erika L. Soul on Facebook. I watched clips on You Tube and I participated in the Live Streaming activities in March 2014. I had several insights regarding my past mistakes. A work that was getting delayed suddenly picked up momentum and it was done with the assistance of a few people whom I had never met before.I was trying to purchase 21 Days with Braco but was unsuccessful due to the prohibitive shipping costs to India. One day while gazing at Braco's photograph, I was inspired to go to Amazon site. I ordered that book even though the shipping cost was more than the book's price. I paid in Indian rupees. I got a mail that the book would be delivered to me on April 16. However, on April 11, my wife phoned me to say that a book had arrived from Amazon. I have read the book from cover to cover. My wish is to have access to Braco's books and DVDs. Let us see how this is fulfilled as it is very difficult and cumbersome and expensive to import stuff to India.

    • raa1234
  2. while live streaming in oct sat and sunday. i attended all 5 minted gazing during the day. prayed for 2 major problems to solve. both go resolved in 14 days. i rarely post testimonials on web, and i have been in new age / spiritual stuff for 20 years. this is big deal/real deal

    • serena123
  3. I soaked up the good energy during these past 6 day of online gazings, and during the last two gazings last evening, Monday, felt my chest becoming very warm.  Previous to these 6 days of gazing, I had developed some type of illness in my lungs; when I tried to breathe in, I felt a rough patch like sandpaper, and that area made me start coughing and I sounded like a barking seal, and it just was a drag, I was going into coughing fits a lot.  By Saturday at the end of the gazings, I felt improvement on the cough but it was still there, and I felt that overall good feeling of extreme well being and love of life and love and awe for all creation when the energy has permeated all over my body and into my heart and thoughts.   Last night, Monday evening after the gazings, I felt very very sleepy and slept so well and this morning when I woke up, I felt so much better!  I feel all smoothed out, soothed and smoothed, and I can breath in, completely normally, my lungs feel completely smooth, no rough patch, and I feel a quiet happiness and like I am brimming over with good health and optimism.  It just feels so good to be able to breath normally!  So I want to express thankfullness to God for giving this gift to Braco, and also thank you Braco and everyone who works on presenting these gazings!

  4. I first heard about Braco from Ann Albers in May 2013.  I read about him on the internet and tried a streaming session.  I couldn’t believe how powerful it was.  I went to the live streaming session in May and, not knowing anything about the power of repetition, I gazed once.  Though I didn’t feel anything but wonderful energy, I knew my wish for a better connection with my Higher Self would be granted.  While at the event, I purchased two DVDs and the double sided sunce.   I watched the DVDs and listened to the voice.  Then I noticed my connection with my Higher Self growing.  I watched the streaming in July, August, and September.  When streamings weren’t available, I listened to the voice on the DVD twice a day as well as read  the books.  Yes, you could say I have been steeped in Braco!

     I attended the event in Phoenix and went to both days.  During that time, I received two healings.  As I stood in the front row and held my collar open so my sunce could be charged.  Not only was my sunce charged, but a little bump on my chest was cleared.  It took three days, but I had no pain.  By the third day, the bump was gone.  The second day,  I was healed of a digestive disorder that I thought would never be healed.  It had been with me all my adult life and had gotten worse in the last five years.  It’s healed, permanently.   Moreover,  the cause behind the problem was healed in two televised gazing sessions this time.  I addition, I had a rather gnarly scar on my finger which was rather painful.  After several sessions, the scar is reduced to a small bump, which is not painful and which will go away itself in the next session or two.

    My goodness, Braco, four complete healings and one great connection since I started gazing in May 2013!  I am eternally grateful to you and the Source for all you have done.   Each day I give thanks that you are such a crystal clear channel of Divine Love devoted to this work.   Many thanks to you and your dream team for making these gazings possible.   I know in my heart there is more to come.  Jean

    • Jean Cooper
  5. Aloha,

    I received my copy of Braco's book "After the Tragedy".  Having seen it in many of the Croatian videos that we have I was thrilled to see it translated into English.  As soon as it arrived I sat down and read it cover to cover.  I then reread it the following day. Like many, I am sure, I felt as if I was being given personal advice on life directly from Braco as I read the words.  Reading between the lines, as he instructs throughout the book, I felt the words  reach my heart.  My own thoughts and beliefs were detailed over and over again in the words on the pages.  The reminders of our own beliefs and how powerful they are reinforced my commitments.  Mahalo nui loa.  I have a burning question that I shall ask here…I have been trying to locate copies in English of the 13 books Ivica Prokic wrote before he travelled beyond this realm and have been unsuccessful.  Where can I get copies of these books?   It is with great love and enormous gratitude to one and all that I close.   Sincerely, Lynelle Okuhara (Kailua-Kona, HI)

    • Lynelle
  6. Today was my first time seeing Braco.

    When I saw Braco, illuminated on that stage, staring out at everyone, I was seized not with warmth, not with powerful energy, but an overwhelming desire to know this man. A desire to help him. I felt a wave of compassion and love roll from me to him, as I put the palm of my right hand in his direction, and smiled at him. I felt not an invisible hug, but an incredible desire to instead hug him. Knowing that people come to him for help, repeatedly, constantly… My heart opened to him. And hours later, I still feel a strong compassion for him, and the rest of mankind.
    Thank you for coming to Boston, Braco. Much love to you. 

    • emily.prn
  7. I have just finished reading your book Angelika 21 Days with Braco. I being a writer as well appreciated you bringing us along such a personal and universal transformation and creating a visual so as I was there with you. I found I had to take my time with this book as I didn't want the energy to end. I found myself the whole three days it took me to read not wanting to watch any t.v or read any other books as I am an avid reader…or even write any new material. I found myself wanting to be a part of this…promoting or supporting this for it is something we are all asking for now. I attended with my son my first and only gazing last month when Braco was here in Phoenix and felt and enormous amount of gratitude…and just really wanted everyone in that room to get what they needed. When Braco looked at me..then my son…I swear he turned back at me and I heard in my head "this is your son" and I said "yes" and he said "you love him very much" and I said "yes" then he moved on. I don't know if that really happened but it's my story and I'm sticking with it. When you are in Arizona again I would love to help in whatever way possible that is needed to bring another gazing here. I feel it is for me to do. Thank you again…Namaste

    • gbarh5
  8. I saw Braco for the first time in Boulder<CO on May 22-23, 2013. I went open to whatever would be and to my surprise I was very amazed and moved. I feel better today Spiritually and Emotionally and Physically than I have in over 10-15 years. Thank you for being in Boulder so I could experience this amazing healing Process. 

  9. TOday was an amazing day. I arrived in Kona  OK.After returning from Kona Gazing very weak and sleeping for a few days; I managed to get to emergency Acupuncturist  appointment which helped to revive me enough to make a few food stops on way home.

     Every one was responding to be like I was the bringer of the sunshine that is warming up us Alaskans 50 degrees today!!!   I eneded up telling over 6 people about Braco! Just happened! 

    I got physically much worse after My GAzing, But I feel radiant after seeing Braco flood every part of the room and Gazers with SHIMMERING LIGHT!!!

    • Suzon
  10. I came to Gaze with Braco & everyone in Kona; hoping for a healing. I left in much worse physical shape than when I arrived. I departed weak and in pain. My inner experience is very full which has always been my number one priority. I am grateful for my time spent gazing with Braco & everyone. I am still very weak after resting for almost two days. I do not have enough stamina to fly to Gazings in May so, I will continue to do all the online Gazes as I have in the past. It was truly a gift to be able to go to my first live Gazing in Kona and I will treasure all the Gazer friendships from Kona and online around the world.          Love & LIght to all:  Suzon from Alaska  ([email protected])    aksuzon.com




    • Suzon
  11. I cry everytime I see him, but I have realized healing is a process.  First the pain has to come out before we can move to the next spiritual level.  I also cry because I realize we are undeserving of the gift he offers us, but in divine mercy he is sent out to help the world. He offerred himself as a conduit, asking nothing for himself other than to he happy, healthy and loved. He put himself second to his service to humanity, and all those other things were granted to him. His story is one of hope and beauty, but his legacy has just begun. He was invited to speak at the United Nations last Friday well in advance of the current situation in Israel and Palestine. The vote for Palestinian statehood is November 29. Think it's just co-incidence? I already know some of the magnitude of the role he will play, as one of my gifts is prophecy.  I will just say he is blessed beyond what he could imagine and I am thankful and grateful we have been allowed to be on the path of his journey. Thank you Braco. By the way, my shoulder feels much better after you fixed it last time, during the Labor Day gazings, and it was re-injured shortly after that. (Satanic attacks). May Allah preserve and protect you.

    • tulips
    Thank you for creating the opportunity for us to share Braco's gaze via live stream with a community of others around the world. The connection to the divine while in the gaze is such a huge gift. I feel at "home" during the gazing, the gift of pure potential is palpable. This gift of love and what I also call divine allowing is to be shared. We can only step forward from the gaze with more and more unconditional love emanating to others from our own eyes. It can cause a bit of a jolt when the live stream gazings are completed.  It is  helpful that you advise how to stay in the community of love through the DVDs and the books. For a moment I was wandering around this morning feeling all alone. I finally remembered it was because I truly had been "home" with my family during the gazings. I now know this sense of home is always within me as it was perhaps the moment I was born, before I forgot. 
    The truth is the gazings have allowed me to see the places where I can choose to be and to bring more love. I have gazed with Braco many times. I first gazed in Hawaii, April, 2010. I saw his picture at a bookstore in Captain Cook and just stared at it. It advertised "gazings" that were ongoing. I felt compelled to attend the next gazing. I did. It was my last full day on the Big Island. I saw Braco transfigure, his face became that of another man. He had darker, shorter hair.  I was shocked. I had no idea others had seen him transfigure. I was not looking for that. My feeling was that for a moment, I saw the face of "Christ Consciousness".  That night I slept well for the first time in years. I discussed this in the Golden Bridge DVD. My insomnia of many years was cured after just one gaze. The next day I returned. I saw Braco become a brilliant beam of white light. I left each gaze full of  light, love and joy.
    I pursued inviting Braco to the next Teton Wellness Festival which was in October of 2010. In June the founder of the festival and several board members and I flew to Sedona to experience Braco's Gaze. We invited him to the festival and he agreed to join us. I was so happy. Braco had issues with his visa which made his entry into the U.S.A. for our Wellness Festival impossible. Karl flew to Germany and in October the Tetons  became the birthplace of live streaming. But that was not without a lot of stress and disappointment for the promoters and attendees of our festival. I was ultimately held responsible. The founder of the festival is also an owner of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. One of the top three tourist destinations in Wyoming. She used her influence to call each Wyoming U.S. senator, the congressman and the governor of the state of Wyoming. I am a lawyer. I spoke to Braco's immigration lawyer and with the introduction as Connie Kemmerer's associate working to achieve an immediate visa for a very important presenter at our festival, conveyed to each representative who to call at immigration and what to say. They did it.  We managed, with Janes help as well, to get Braco's visa approved in five hours. While this was not accomplished in time for the Tetons, he made it to many other events in his tour. I assisted that tour.
    Perhaps, because my first experiences with live stream gazing had been difficult in terms of disappointing to so many who trusted me, I forgot about it.
    This  year has been the hardest year of my life. Many hardships and heartaches from prior to January first to early October when I finally found my way back to live steaming which I now call "life streaming". It is too long to convey them all but it was one difficulty after another. The main obstacle was the fact that my dog, Bodhi, who is my best friend, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in February and had a front limb amputated. He is only five, an athlete and my constant companion at home and in the mountains. I was devastated because the prognosis with all western medicine had to offer was less than one year of life, if I was lucky.
    My legal practice suffered. I made the wrong professional decision in the case of a severely brain injured client and he lost. I influenced his decision not to take a deal with substantial money on the table, and I was wrong. It is now on appeal. I was not used to losing. In another case I made another mistake. It was a dark night of the soul. Then in late September, I received the news I feared most. Bodhi's cancer had spread to his lungs. He was given weeks to live.  A friend, my roommate on Braco's tour, helped me sign up on line for live streaming in October.  I gazed 29 times and  immediately everything changed. I garnered awareness of the error in my ways. I saw that in fighting for one client in particular I had judged my opposing counsel, the prosecutor, and that was wrong. I did not care what the prosecutor's office thought about me when I wrote from my heart that I truly chose to come from a place of love and that my judgment of them as prejudiced for continuing to prosecute a case against an "illegal alien" with little or no evidence was wrong. That coming from a place of judgment was not my right and could only come from a story based upon my life experience and not truth. Within five days after gazing in October the case was dismissed.  Most amazingly Bodhi's health has improved miraculously Against all odds he is happy, healthy and running around like a puppy. Of course he sat at my feet during each gazing.
    In the November gazings I continued to work on forgiveness and love and the possibility of advocating for others without fighting. Lawyers are hired to fight. I may be choosing another path, very soon. Bodhi continues to thrive.  I am so happy to have found my way back and while I miss you all today. I know you are in my heart each moment. Deidre Bainbridge
    Deidre Bainbridge

    • deidre bainbridge
    Dear Fellow Braco lovers,
    It has been a week now and I feel that I am still integrating the amazing week with Braco and the ever-expanding  Braco-family in Manhattan.  Oftentimes, I feel, can life get any better? And indeed it does!
    I wish to share with you all two amazing stories that have unfolded in the wake of the event in New York  (I <3 NY!).
    After the event I was informed that some friends gazed on behalf of a boy who was hospitalized due to anorexia. He had been on a feeding tube and had told his mother not to worry about him. After the event, the feeding tube came out he started eating, and told his family that he wanted to go back to school to earn a degree!
    Just prior to the New York event, a dear friend of mine shared that she and her husband were having marital issues and were contemplating divorce.  I gazed on behalf of their beautiful family, asking for their highest good. I was informed after the event that my friend left her mother’s house to go back to their home, and they decided to continue to go forward in life together. She was given many insights into herself, including some core issues that surfaced from childhood traumas to be healed in this process. He was able to look at himself, and they were able to communicate their needs in a calm and loving way. They were able to come together and implement some changes into their lives that in effect, benefit all. Peace is a beautiful thing!
    In speaking with her, I was reminded of the time that Mahatma Gandhi’s words came to me during our second event in Edison, New Jersey, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” As we immerse ourselves in this sacred gift that Braco has been given; as we allow ourselves to transform, heal, and evolve, all of our relationships are affected, firstly with ourSelf.  If we truly wish for peace on Earth, it begins within, with each one of us…rippling out into our homes, our families, our communities, and the world at large…and beyond.
    Stay tuned for more miraculous stories as they evolve!
    Thank you with all our hearts dearest Braco! <3<3<3

    • Elizabeth Rose
  14. Danas u new yorku uverila sam se da te je Bog poslao. Nesto se promenilo u meni zahvaljujuci tebi. Hvala ti Braco, neizmerno sam zahvalna!

    • Jasmina
  15.  More great news! Our 93 year old aunt attended a Calypso concert at her senior center (cool senior center,yes?) this past Saturday evening. Upon her arrival, a very heavy chair landed on the top of her foot and ankle area, as another guest attempted to move it so she could get by. She said that she "saw stars" but did not want to ruin anyone's evening, so she simply sat throughout the concert. Aft…er she made it home, it blew up like a balloon, and she said she was in excruciating pain. She couldn't even touch it and thought that perhaps it was sprained. Today, she didn't understand why she was feeling so much better; she was able to walk solely with a cane, whereas yesterday she struggled with a walker. I then informed her that she had popped into my consciousness while live streaming last night, so I asked for the highest good for her; for whatever she needed. She was amazed and said that we have very special angels that fly back and forth. I told her that she will be dancing in no time! This is one of several amazing stories with her…Years ago she had already went through colon and breast cancer. Last year, doctors found something in her breasts again. I told her, "Don't worry Aunt Rose, we are going to see Braco!" We brought her photo into sessions in Edision, N.J. When she went in for the retest three weeks later, the doctors couldn't find anything! She said that equally amazing was the fact that she felt so calm and at peace going for the test! Next, we brought her photo to Secaucus. While we were there, she fell, but didn't break anything nor have any residual pain, which is amazing for her age! Thank you Braco! <3


  16. 4/16 More unfolding great news! Received a call from Mr. Joe today, who is completely amazed…again! He informed me that the day after we last spoke, when he shared how the cancer in both of his friends had disappeared, he received a phone call with an incredible job offer. He had been looking for a job for FIVE years! He said that most often car dealers do not pay upfront, but on commission only. This job pays up front, plus, if a combined quota is met, he will receive extra pay monthly. In addition, there is only one other salesman at this company, which is a fifteen minute commute from his home. He said that this is “unheard of” ! He couldn’t be happier!

    Thank you, Braco, once again!!!  

  17. To add another facet to this amazing GEM since our first Braco event in October of 2010, I received a phone call from our friend, Mr. Joe, whose story we have chronicled here since his first Live Stream on Veteran’s Day, 11-11-11. Since then, it has been one unfolding miracle after another! Around 5 years ago he was diagnosed with Barrett’s disease of the stomach and the throat, which is a pre-cancerous condition that the doctor told him that there is an 80% chance that it would turn into full blown cancer sooner than he thinks. Since the last time that he participated in the live streaming last month, he has had to undergo several tests. Firstly, he was wishing for a female doctor this time, as the male doctors in the past had knocked out several of his teeth when performing the endoscopy. His wish was granted, and this time around he had a very gentle female doctor. She said that the pollips were undetectable!

    Secondly, he then had to be examined by the VA doctor. There was NO TRACE of Barrett’s disease, which is absolutely unheard of! Typically it progresses into full-blown cancer! He had to again undergo a colonoscopy and an endoscopy, and this was the first time that he did not vomit from the anesthesia! In addition, the doctors have thought that for the last four years that he had IBS, the symptoms of which have totally disappeared! Mr. Joe said that he had been a skeptic for his whole life until the live streaming on 11-11-11, when he felt such intense heat in his hands, and has since witnessed so many unfolding miracles!!!!

    To add a few more glistening facets, I just got off of the phone with Mr. Joe, who just informed me that both of the friends that he gazed on behalf of last month have both had miracles occur!!! Both of them HAD cancer! The first friend had throat cancer, but after Mr. Joe  simply thought of them both (as he did not have their photos with him) during the live streaming, the tumor is GONE! He had chemo before, and now they are only giving it as a precaution, as they cannot find ANYTHING! The second friend had lost a kidney, but the cancer did NOT travel into the urinary tract, so he didn’t have to have ANY chemo or radiation! The doctors are AMAZED!!!!!

    We have a great Sunce story, too! A few weeks ago, I burned my finger while using my husband’s drill at my parent’s. It started to blister immediately, but I put my Sunce necklace on it and the pain and blistering disappeared to the point that I actually forgot that I had burned it in the first place! The blissful, joyous photo below pretty sums up how I am feeling right now; so grateful to be ALIVE, and a part of this beautiful ever-growing Braco family! Nothing brings me more Joy than to connect heart to heart with people and share in this space of Hope, Miracles, and Love! Thank you Braco, with all our hearts!!!! <3<3<3 Counting down the days until your return to the East Coast! We love you! XOXOOXOX 

  18. I have been spirit gifted a new magical house to move to . Here in Hawaii we call them plantation homes. The living room is as big as my apt. The house is what i call obscenely big..it's the land that is magical It was rented by one man and family for over 40 years and in his later years all he did… was garden. The whole yard is food. I have waited for this to manifest ever since i moved to Hawaii… 7 yrs ago. the place reeks of love…How did I earn this? For those of you who remember when i cleaned out the lot next door to my apt 2 months ago?..It was beginning look like Hawaiian ghetto.

    Then I went and saw the healer Braco….I was Bracoed! He shifts your brain..rewires it..opens you up to new possibilities and your dreams just happen…it literally dropped into my lap…..and believe me it's way better than i could have imagined and what i was dreaming of..I just have to put in a small veggie garden and just maintain what is there….I have every fruit tree you can think of, bananas, a herb garden..and an OMG moment when i saw a few red strawberries. Really I am living proof..Do your energy work for love of service and the Creator will take care of you. I am taking down my home temple now….i move in next weekend but my heart and soul is already there. Despite all the world craziness life is magical. I am very blessed. — Jai Sai Ram

    • cathy bilsky
  19. I just came back from the Miami live Gazings of Braco. It was a wonderful experience to be there for the live Gazings. I want to thank Angelika and Michael Salla for their  introductory talks. It helped me to calm my mind and open my heart for the Gazing experience. There were certain things that Angelika said which made a deep impact on me. These talks really helped me to be grounded and prepare myself well for the Gazing experience. I liked that they played the Braco film clips with a background music instead of the usual words. That was also wonderful. It will be very nice if the Bracoamerica events also do the same- playing the film clip with a wonderful background music. The music helps us to prepare oneself better for the following 7 mts Gazing.

    Also, it would have been nicer if people sitting in the audience did not talk to each other too much duirng the event. It was a bit distracting.  Also, some people were eating snacks and digging into their purses a lot which made it a bit noisy and distracting. May be, in future events someone can request politely to eveyrone to maintain peace and quiet as much as possible :-) That will be so helpful for everyone to go deeper into this live Gazing experience. I very much wish to see Braco again in other live events. Miami was a bit expensive because of the hotel prices during that weekend. I hope Braco will come to some other cities too apart from Miami in May. It will easier and more economical to fly to some other city than Miami. Thanks to all the volunteers for help creating this memorable event.      

    • Gayu
  20. I had the opportunity to be at the LA gazing event. I had planned a trip to California to visit my son, and it was more or less on the way. It took longer than Map Quest indicated it would, but I was there for the last 3 gazing. Every time I was upfront to the left.
    When he came out I could clearly see him. It was not long before I lost my focus of him again. I guess that is what I do in the gazing, at least so far. This time I absolutely lost my sight of him. He becomes a fussy white. The last gazing in particular, I remembered that one after another, others appeared. There were, men, woman, children from every race and color. They all had white robes on. Every second a new one appeared, and they were gazing. I received the message he is us. He is everyone on this side of the veil and the other side. All those that appeared were gazing at us.
    I did not see any one famous. They were just souls from the other side gazing at us. I have never felt the oneness of us all more. It is really true we are not alone.
    This time my heart expanded as it always does. This time the feeling was  so far beyond words.
    I am so grateful for the experience. I am so grateful to take this spark forward out into the world where ever I go and allow it to shine. Love heals all, including my own heart.
    Love and peace…Patti Dallas

    • dallas
  21.    Mr. Ivica feels like a Father, Teacher to me, always watching over me, controls and helps me focus, I am thankful to him!  From the U.S., I watched Live stream from America, I wa…s confident that Braco will transfer the energy that will release, enhance, strengthen and refine man as an individual, it's marriage and family, environment, states and continents, all of humanity.  That flowed through my thoughts, my body, call it the mission or otherwise that has already begun! It's what came to my thoughts while I was gazing!  Around his eyes, when he looked through the screen, I saw a yellow gold circles, a light from a pupil of the eye, the brightest of all the bright lights, this powerful light filled my soul, strengthened and purifield my body: Yes, I had a problem: a pain in the stomach, strong, and after an hour, after looking at the computer in to Braco's eyes, from the U.S., it disappeared!  Thank you Braco! You from America, and me in Croatia, Zagreb!

    From America through the Live stream his gaze gave me his thoughts about me, understanding that I have to have faith in what I do, what should I do; that opened the space, the volume in front, above, that was filled with freedom and filled me, my thoughts and my will to do something, suddenly imbued with power and confidence in what he opened for me and what I needed to do! Braco from America! Wow…From Sedona 11:11:11. He gave me through a live streaming surprising strength in my mind, to think deeper, not to be afraid! I really do not fear! To do everything properly, thoroughly, with love, every moment, that's what I have to learn. It would be so good to spontaneously follow  Braco and  to  be in  sync …!!! I experienced some sort of exaltation, the flight, but in spirit, he breathed into me the strength to be more than I am now, and he gives me more every time.Thank you Braco for opening the door for me so I can freely do a good deed, and what you giftme with your Gaze, your silence, that's the power, the power of the Source, you fill me with purity in everithing what I need for me to porsonally fulfill my mission and the reason why I am in this world.   

    And the first time I steped in Front of Braco, he didn't do much talking, (then he talked with visitors), but he felt immediately that I also felt exactly what I needed to do, because I came to ask for help, he immediately knew everything, and most importantly: he knew that I knew that he knows that I know! We felt it in seconds! And now the Gaze, so rich, so powerful, from America! Wow! Wonderful! Thank you Braco you help me to fulfill a wonderful richness of life which you have opened for me!                             

    To You Braco I wish the greatest happiness! Thank you!   — Antun C., Zagreb

    • antunco
  22. Please understand that pictures cannot be sent to Braco. There is a special connection that takes place when a friend or family member brings the picture of a loved one to a Braco event and this is how the gift is shared. However, it is possible for you in Brazil to watch the next live streaming in January 2012. You can yourself hold your son’s picture during the streaming and people have reported in great number that this is just as effective as attending a live event with a loved one’s photo. Please visit the ‘Upcoming Events’ page or ‘Live Streaming’ page to view the latest Streaming schedule. Warm Aloha, Angelika

    • Angelika
  23. At the Phoenix gazing I purchased a new dvd called the Paradim shift. In it a woman that went to a Braco gazing went to visit her father in a nursing home. He had experienced a stroke and did not know where he was and was afraid. She said visiting the nursing home is depressing. People are non verbal and ready to leave this world. As she walked down a long hall to her father's room, she heard something behind her. She said people in wheel chairs were following her and waving. She said she knew this was the Broco energy. Almost needless to say, when she got to her father's room, he was sitting in a chair and had several nurses around him. He was telling jokes, as he did all his life. They were all laughing. When he saw her, said "there is my darling daughter". She had taken his picture to the gazing.
    What I have been experiencing since the gazing is what I call being Broco'd recognized. It just happens. One time in Costco I was returning something and there was a family, a father and two boys ahead of me. They were not even standing next to me, but on the other side of the rope. One of the boys was about 10 or 11. He looked at me and all of the sudden broke out in a huge smile. He stood there and smiled at me for quite a long time. I was aware there was no other reason for him, a young boy no less, to be smiling at me. It felt like recognition. Not of me, but the Broco energy.
    It happens at work all the time. People I do not even know, just break out in a huge smile and say hello. The other night when getting out of my car to go into the grocery store, there was a young man who smiled at me in the same way. I am almost 62 years old.  In my youth, men would smile at me. This was definitely not that. It is a look that comes from their soul. It always moves me and makes me smile.
    Every day I stand in the voice. I see Braco when I close my eyes. In the past he has spoken to me. Now it is more just silence and the feeling of expansion in my heart. It stills all the storms that otherwise would be raging. Life continues to happen to me, but I am moving through things so much more easily because my heart will not let me do otherwise. I have asked how I can be of service to this work. The greatest service is to just be. Wherever we are to have that spark ignited that the souls of others recognize it. It is not something we make happen, but the energy igniting our own sparks is what makes it happen. It is always enough.  It is enough for me to be happy, at peace, and be grateful for what I do have and not worry about what I do not have. This is why I am still here. This is why we are all here.
    Another testimony says it well. She said Broco is a conduit for the divine energy. He is here to connect us with that divine energy and express it in the world. Then when this happens, our dealings with others will come from a whole place. This is the transformation happening as one by one our sparks are ignited.
    I absolutely love that there are no words, no doctrine, no convincing anyone of anything. For me it is about awakening to the oneness of all. It truly does not matter what religion, race, color, or creed anyone is. It does not matter what they believe God is. The pure divine love touches us all within our souls where we all are the same. Each one of us decides how much of the love we let in to transform our own hearts and purpose. It has transformed my heart to understand it is not my place to convince anyone of anything. I know everyone needs this energy to heal their hearts. If they are not willing to experience it directly, like my children, I can and do stand in the voice each day, hold their pictures in gazing or live streaming, and let the energy work. I have seen that happen in more than one person. That is enough.
    So do not be surprised if you are Broco’d recognized. It is the gift that keeps on giving. It is the hope of the world to transform in these times that consciousness must change. I do believe 2012 is the time we will. It is happening now and there is much hope for the world and those we love. Thank you Broco for being the one to send this energy to us that we can awaken to who we really are and recognize that in others.
    Peace and love…Patti

    • dallas
  24. GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!! I just got off the phone with a new friend of ours. He recently came to our house for a painting job, and ended up sharing with me how he is a Vietnam veteran with a whole host of subsequent issues and health problems. He joined us for the live streaming on 11-11-11 which coincided with Veteran's Day. He was in the Vietnam war at age nineteen, and has been on meds for the last sixteen years for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and flashbacks to name a few.

    I just learned that he is suppossed to take 3-4 valium a day as well as 2 zoloft a day.  He has been forgetting to take these meds and has been taking one of each of the aforementioned drugs every other day! He has noticed big changes in himself, is feeling better, and actually dreaming again and remembering his dreams! We are excited to watch his progress continue! May all veterans receive whatever healing they need on all levels!

    Thank you dear Josip from California for sharing your story on the live streaming recently, bringing hope to other veterans!

  25. It has taken me a while to come here to share my experience in the 9 gazings at the Phoenix event. For about 6 months prior I was loaned the Golden Bridge by a friend and discovered the Voice in special features. I have 8 dvds and each morning I watch one and then do the voice. After hearing all the testimonies on these Dvd's and standing as I listen to the voice with my pictures of family and friends I felt so…ready for the gaze and wondered what I would experience. For me, my heart center, infact my entire chest was activated as it does with the Voice but even more. It remained that way all day.

    I ordered lunch at the hotel and then left the table to meet a friend that was coming. When I was in the lobby I was so drawn to buy the sunse…I leave it on all the time with one exception when I have my massage. I can say, it truely does have power that keeps me grounded in this energy. When I first put it on I didn't expecially feel anything. I came to understand why they are only sold at gazing events. They are activated there and do hold the energy

    The first few gazes for me was not being able to focus on his face. It was blurred. I did not see angels, golden light but it was more than ok, because I had come to heal my heart and I realized all of us are really doing that. This beautiful energy of pure divine love, little by little disolves all the blocks we have picked up along our journey here. For me it is the things I battle with, when injustice, misunderstanding and especially when it feels like someone has stuck a knife in my heart.  Standing in the gaze there is just no room for thinking or feeling any of that. It is so freeing to just let things go and move through them quickly and for me this is such a miracle. When I was just doing the voice, and was crippled by my foot, it always helped. One time I could not walk at all and had to sit down…as the voice began I was moved to stand up and was able to move closer to the TV. Little by little it got better. It took about 5 weeks. The doctor didn't really know what it was when I showed up and it was swollen. He just told me to stay off it a few days.

    I believe that nothing just shows up in our bodies, but is a reflectiion of our own stuck energy. I would ask for my angle to be healed and one morning, I heard in my head…just don't ask for anything…just receive. Jane, when introducing Braco, would say every session it is ok to have your grocery list of things. Bring the list, but when he comes out don't think about it, just let go. That was so my experience. As the day went by, each gaze was different. The blur lasted for awhile and one time I saw spears of gold shot out horizonally from him the length of the room. One time I saw star-like white energy shoot out around him. Many times I saw his face change to different aspects of his face. It was sometime in the middle as I gazed at him, a tall version of Ivica appeared in a flash. It happened twice at the end. I had energy that day I have never experienced before. I went to a session and then right after you go outside and get in line again. I didn't need to eat or go to the bathroom. That continued all day until the last two sessions.

    When I went in, the volunteer told me I qualified to sit in the short section, which is up front on the right side. I was feeling alittle Braco'd out by this energy. and even wondered if in these bodies we are suppose to walk around like this. Sitting up front, and receiving the gaze by then I could see his face. Being at the end of his gaze, i received it and then quickly it came right back. I really felt as his eyes met mine he was looking directly at me. By then tears were all gone and I could just smile him. His face was that ancient look and yet youthful and the most tremendous feeling of connection of my divine self with his with no separation. It was timeless and it was complete connection to who I really am.

    My friend and I drove home and we did not even speak. I had to go to work the next day and wondered how I could do that. That night I slept so soundly and woke up in the morning completly rested and alert. I never wake up that way. Since then, when I watch the Dvd's and when the brief 7 seconds of gazing comes on, I feel it. I bought the Paradim Shift dvd and it is beyond awsome. The voice is especially powerful each day and renews me with that feeling of expansion in my heart.

    Soon after one of those challanges in life happend. I had a conversation with my grown son, that revealed his unhealed heart in more than one way. He is very stuck in the past and has beliefs about his brother and sister and me that are about the past. He is not living now concerning his brother and sister and in some respects me as well. It was a conversation that perhaps would have been better if we had not had it, but there is no such thing. For the first time in a very long time I cried myself to sleep. I really wondered how I could be around him again. The next day, I did what I call double Bracoing myself. I have done this for others, but I needed it that day. I stood with the voice, twice in a row. The energy helped to remember I am only love. I cannot heal the hearts of others, only my own, I was given this and it comes from the Gazing of Light dvd. An Hawaiian Kahuna defined Aloha. I was told I am Aloha. I am the divine breath of God's love with no end and no conditions and it is for eternity. I saw my son, with his unhealed heart and just had compassion and love. I let go of the need to straighten him out. I had learned words are never going to do that.

    He and his family, including my two twin grandsons, went to the gazing by their picture. When I saw him again, he was sweet to me and loving. Once again I know the only thing that heals any of us is love. Words often get in the way. What we think most certainly does. To be still in your heart and feel the power of this love within you is the miracle. As we know others can be touched also even if they have no interest. I am trusting in that without expectation. I know my place is just to love and know everyone has a right to believe whatever they want to even if it does not make them happy. We all have walls that may last our entire lifetime here, but for us that have received this tremendous gift that Broco shares, we know we do not have to have them and our hearts will no longer let us be stuck. For this I am so…grateful. As Jesus said once, the truth will set your free. Someone also said love is never wrong. I am so grateful that this love is and continues to heal my heart. I know it can do the same for anyone.

    My son called me the other day and mentioned how much he was enjoying his sons. He said, mom they are just pure unconditional love (which this grandma would most certainly agree). Then he said, I guess we all start out that way. I had the opportunity to add…and we all are trying to get back to that. Then my heart just smiled. Of course another thing that is in the bible that I do believe Jesus said is…the kingdom of heaven is within you. Unless you become as a little child you cannot enter. My son has his sons to teach him this. He loves them more than anything in the world. He and his wife got pregant again when the boys were 1 mo old and the new little one will be born in May. He just doen't have a chance of staying stuck now does he.

    One thing I know I can never get enough of this. After the Phoenix event, I did 5 live streams…just the same. Daily I renew and daily I grow into more love. This is happening all over the world and I know as more and more souls are drawn to this energy the world will be a differnt place…one person at a time. Peace and love to all      

    • dallas
  26.      Jim Morrison was the lead singer of the DOORS and while it is written that he died in 1971, he did not and I have met him.  For those who don't like the DOORS I don't blame you as yes it delved into illegal narcotics and issues which tend toward the dark side of reality.  I have known that Jim is alive for over 6 years now and have met his family.     

    I didn't know that his daughterinlaw was as sick as she was.  Only in her 30s, she is debilitated by a few different serious medical conditions.  I hadn't looked him up for weeks but after talking to this friend, perhaps out of desparation, I was like I wonder what that Braco guy was up to.     

    He was scheduled to be in Chicago in four days, less than an hour from my house.  I stayed at a hotel and the attendent didn't set the alarm clock like I requested, but I still got up in time and made it.  While there, my intuition told me  that I would be hearing from a friend who I hadn't heard from in a long time. While I was there I met a man from Florida who was Braco's friend from Croatia years ago.  I brought with me a picture of JIm from 1998 and a transparency of him from the DOORS album and gave it to this man and requested if he could personally give it to Braco.  To my surprise he said he would try, and I got the feeling he would.  Trying to break out the truth about Jim has been a really hard trip for me as the doubters to believers is about 5000000 to 1.  And again, to a lot of people it doesn't matter to them whatsoever and I understand this too.  The burden that I had been carrying was now in good hands; it was in Braco's.     

    Then next morning I got an email from another of Jim's family.  She told me she hadn't talked to me in months because she had been working with a fertilizer that got into her system and put her in a coma for 3 weeks.  She is a fun loving down to earth girl, but this turned out to be quite a spiritual event for her and she had numerous out of body experiences that were remarkable.  I hope she writes a book about what she told me because it was really fascinating… I didn't go see Braco that afternoon, instead just chatted with this friend.     

    Braco was ony supposed to be in Indianapolis for one day, but as I looked at the internet, it said he would be scheduled for a second day.  A very close relative had been stricken deathly ill on that Monday night, so I spent the night in emergency, brought her home the next and she seemed to have stabilized so I went to Indy to catch Braco day 2.  While preparing for surgery I had my relative watch Awakening Within Us which was her intro to Braco and I think she liked it.     

    Two days before going to Indy, while I was still debating if I would, I read the first 60 pages of 21 Days with Braco and fell asleep.  I woke up an hour later for no apparent reason and for the first time I witnessed a ghostlike apparition.  Days later I met a psychic and she told me it was an angel.  It kind of just stood there at the foot of my bed for 10 seconds and then disappeared.  I felt like Braco had opened an underlying awareness within me and I really wanted to gaze again in Indy.     

    Indianapolis was fine.  Saw some familiar faces from Chicago. Heard some powerful testimonies.  The newsreporter from Channel 59 seemed like she a disciple of Braco, even taking flowers from the event and proudly showing them on the evening news.  Braco really pulls something from within everybody.  Maybe the first time you see him, its like your parents spanking you for doing something wrong- it makes you wake up.  The second time you see him, its like getting spanked again, but this time you're like hey mom and dad, you were right, what I did was dumb… After seeing Braco several times its like you show this incredible self discipline so you can do something that is right and it makes your parents proud and its like you can feel how much love they have for you… with Braco you come to see that love is your friend.      

    I've got a very spiritual friend who I've known for two years.  She knew Jim Morrison when he lived out by her in Oregon.  This friend is a wonderful writer and poet.  A couple of weeks ago she revealed to me the excruciating pain she suffers from since a car accident years ago.  I didn't know.  A couple of days later I found out Braco is going to Portland.  Oregon is a big state, but would you know it, she just moved to the Portland area in the last couple of months.  The airport is less than an hour away from her house.  There's talk that the gazing my be streamed live via internet.  I CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

    • Jlizard
  27. I am so excited that Braco is coming to Phoenix. I have said I don't know how, when or where I will experience the gaze and now I do. I have signed up for a full day…9 gazing sessions and my friend who told me about him will be there too.
    I have watched all the vidios including the new one Journey to Braco which is now my favorite. That one I almost have the testimonies memorized but I still cry as  I am so touched by them. This pure divine love helps us as we need it. It may be a miraculous healing in a physical sense. It may be emotional or what ever we need. What it is to me is divine love, unconditional, connecting with the divine love in me, allowing that to shine forth and heal and disolve all the walls within me that seperate me from the oneness of all.
    As he says in the voice, transcriped in Angelika's book, we all came from the same source. It really does not matter what our belief in God is. He has told me as I go into meditation when listening to the Voice we are not here to convince anyone of anything. We are here to shine our own light from our own source of divine love and when we allow that…that is the miracle. From that divine spark, everything is possible. From that divine spark we feel the oneness of all with no separtion and the true miracle for me is to let down my defenses or need to convince anyone of my experience.
    My entire life I have been aware, that I wanted to know who God really is. I started out in the Baptise sunday school, moved on to the Catholic church while growing up, was in a bible religion with no name, and then moved into spiritual studies. Before Braco, I knew that God was within me and thought it was some kind of universal joke that all my life I have been searching for God in the wrong places. All along the way, God was right inside of me, and all the answers were within.
    Broco for me has ignited that connection with the divine within me and there really are no words to decribe the feeling except pure love received and given as I look at the world and myself differently,. What is interesting is as I receive this energy, more and more I am aware I still have things I am stuck in.
    I have been in much pain with my right foot and arm. Standing in the voice helps. Sometimes I thought it was gone only to come back. I do not doubt the power of this healing and I know it is up to me to receive and heal myself. One of the testimonies here was a key. That person while standing in the gazing focused on the oneness and felt in her aura the heatbeat of that oneness. In the oneness of all there are no walls of separtion. In the oneness of all we are the same no matter what we believe to be true.  In the oneness we are all the same dvine love. 
    Today I woke up and do not feel much of anything but wholeness in my arm and foot. Broco does not call himself a healer. He sends divine love to bring us all back to ourselves and the oneness. We have to choose to receive. We do not have to do anything but that. For some there is instant healing. For others it takes some time. For all it takes openness of our heart and to let go of all we think we know, and just receive the love. We are not here to convince anyone else. Everyone has a right to believe what they want to. As he has told me in meditation, we are only here to allow this love to ignite in us. To be that spark that may or may not reach out to others. Those that are drawn will come. They have to experience and feel it.
    I had an experience a few weeks back. I was outside a restaurant to smoke a cigarette. What appeared to be a homeless man walked up to me. I knew he was going to ask me for a cigarette. He approached me and said he would pay me 1.00 for one. I told him I would give him one. Then he proceeded to tell me about a lab top computer that was available in a second hand store across the street . He went on about wanting to buy it but was fearful of computers. People turn to them instead of God just as they call their friends with their problems instead of talking to God. He thought they were of the devil. I told him I did not have those feelings about computers and that God was within him. He stopped and looked at me and then I said, "You should look up on the internet braco.net. He just stopped and said he would and walked away.   Just speaking Broco's name seemed to bring him out of all he thought he knew. I do hope he did it.
    I did not need to tell him about Braco or what my experience with him has been. I just felt this peace come over him as he walked away.
    I can hardly wait until Nov 10 for my own experience of the gazing. He has said in the Voice it is the same energy and the same love. I signed up for all 9 gazings. I know if it is too much I can take a break but I do not want to miss any of it. I will focus on the oneness of all. That is the true healing of us all where all walls come down within me and everyone. I most certainly want to be a part of that.   

    • dallas
  28. I want to share that which is most profound.  My son and I were guided to go to the city prior to the New Jersey event, and walked around the 9/11 Memorial area. In my heart I could feel the grief and trauma that still lingered.  

    We spontaneously ended up at Engine 10, whose windows overlook where The World Trade Center buildings once stood.  They were the first of the first responders. I cannot fathom what these selfless individuals witnessed that day and in the aftermath that followed, nor everyone else who was there who  lost their colleagues, friends, and family members. Two engines went out on a call just as we were leaving; tears rolled down my cheeks.  I cannot imagine how so many fled to the scene so selflessly, never to return.   

    So many people to this day cannot get medical coverage, and suffer from respiratory ailments, cancer, and severe PTSD, to name a few.  The view from our hotel room at the event was the New York City skyline. In one session there, Mr. Jurgen Block presented, and I almost immediately went into a very deep meditation. I was in the back, which allowed me to go ever further within, as I closed my eyes when Braco was introduced. What I saw after Braco began gazing, was a blanket of white Light over New York City, particularly the area around the memorial.  May all those still suffering  the effects of that day that we will all never forget, receive healing on any and all levels needed. As each one heals, we all heal collectively.  

    How beautiful that Braco came so close to the wounded heart of our nation, bringing this most blessed gift. We were so blessed and honored to volunteer at the New Jersey event. We actually left our son for his first sleepover without us so that we could serve, which was a huge step for both my husband and me. After that  I spontaneously flew solo to Virginia Beach to volunteer  without both of my boys. All that I could think was how often Braco leaves his family, sharing this gift so selflessly; two days was hard for me! ~Love & Namaste~  

  29. I saw Braco for the first time in July in Secaucus, many things had changed since then, I know now that I received a gift that I will carry in me for the rest of my life. I always believed in God and healing energy but this was unlike anything I expected. I wish every men and woman in this world see him just once! Life would be different. I just happended to click on my od posts about the July experience and was led to his website–I could not believe my eyes! he is back in NJ in 6 days. Miracle it is! He is divine. 

    Since July a lot of things happened and one most important was my lost relationship for almost 2 years became reality again. Another one, I decided to change my workplace and it turns out that was best decision I've made. For past two weeks I have been promoting my grand opening event that is happening on Oct 17 and just noticed he is going to be in town just a week before.

    Thank you God, thank you Braco and Angelika and all of the volunteers that are going to be there.  Angelika I am sorry I could not see you this time around, I am opening my door to a new spa Oct 8, 2011 and you are probably too busy then….I will try to reach you. I am so sad but happy at the same time. Please know I will be there and I am promoting Braco's event instead of mine starting today. I love all of you.

    • russo
  30. Another totally AMAZING day! My cup runneth over! How to I even convey in words what an incredible gift these live gazings have been? How do I express my gratitude? Joy and excitement bubbling up within all day, as well as tremendous heat in the body.

    The 2 p.m. live gazing was shared at the hospital with a dear friend of our family who has been quite ill. His story is quite lengthy. I will share this as the gift of the energy unfolds in his life. Three doctors came in just before the gazing began.  Braco was briefly shared, and herein lies synchronistic documentation!  Speaking of, the synchronicities that occured today blew my mind! The man that was just getting wheeled in for chemo the very second  the door from the parking garage opened; the beautiful, receptive people who's path intersected at very particular moments; the people who were present when sharing Braco who knew people battling cancer; my mom's friend, which is a whole other chapter,  who called right before the 5:30 session…oh, Amazing Grace! I am so filled with gratitude! 

    My father has not been able to come when Braco has been on the east coast. What a blessing to participate in two sessions with my parents at their house tonight! I am completely floored at how divinely orchastrated everything was/is!  My mother came to Secaucus recently, and I watched her open up tonight  in a way not seen previously! Then, during the 5:30 pm session EST, my husband and I both saw Jesus in Braco's face!!!!!  It was like the Shroud of Turin! Though His presence has been felt, we were completely FLOORED to actually see Him! We did not discover that we both saw Him until after the midnight session which was BEYOND WORDS!  More coming as Blessings unfold! Pranams….

  31. Aloha and Mahalo with all my heart for livestreams, and to Angelika and Jane and all the angels for making it possible for Braco to be with us in the US. Most of all, thank you, Braco! I have been in gazing sessions via syncronized timing (standing with "the voice" section (music), of "Golden Bridge; standing here at home in Hawaii, while sessions going) in Seattle, Denver and now SF.

    My friend (who was on the NBC Seattle news) held up my photo all day in Seattle, and between that and the livestreams and syncronized timing, this horrendous skin disease that I got living in the Hawaii jungles has (after 2+ months) healed 80% last 4 days! Plus over the last 2 months, got body alkaline & lost 22 pounds from this hardship! Was guided to a practitioner (through a Braco contact) who works with this condition and it was helping, but I could't seem to get it on my own. Thank you, Braco! 

    Yosip is holding my photo today & tomorrow in the S.F. sessions, thank you! Am amazed at how fast and thorough the healing has been! Thank you, Braco! Also found the perfect sunny upcountry home against all odds; my car was putting out white smoke, then suddenly fixed itself; and a bill which I thought I couldn't pay is now being paid. Now, am holding the wish for prosperity and lifework, that also allows me the time off to always be with Braco when he's in Hawaii easily;  such faith that this will happen for me now also. I had held up so many photos in the many gazing sessions I was in, and I was going back over it today, and couldn't think of one person who's photo I held up who did not have miracles and healings of their situation or condition.

    Cannot tell you the daily joy I feel, even when in the midst of this hardship these last 2 months, just to watch the dvds or see his photo; always opens and keeps me in my heart. Ah, we are so blessed that you are here, Braco! Sending energy for Love's healing, miracles, transformation, awakening to the world, this 2011 tour, and always. Namaste' all…  

    • [email protected]
  32. Aloha all! I have to add that I felt such an abundance of energy coursing through my entire being after last night's session, that sleep evaded me until nearly dawn! What comes to mind is a spiritual/energetic tune up; I feel so incredibly recharged! Everything looks, feels, and sounds even more beautiful to behold….witnessing greater Divinity in All…. Tuning in today, I feel so incredibly grateful to feel such incredible Oneness; to be able to connect live once again right from our home is such an incredible gift!

    We all saw radiant white light around Braco earlier; even a friend who we just told about Braco this morning, who was completely floored! Cannot wait to witness what unfolds from herein regarding the people we asked for blessings for! More miracles to report soon :-) So grateful to have incarnated in these incredible times, feeling such incredible

    Love, Peace and Joy! Dearest Braco, may all you give be returned to you ten-trillion fold! May all beings everywhere be showered with more blessings, Love, and Light, than the sky has stars! Namaste <3<3<3    

  33. Aloha! Tonight was the first time that I have experienced a live gazing session online…..WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I It was absolutely AMAZING! People were connecting and chatting from all over the globe! The energy crescendoed as I watched the countdown, and oh to see our beloved Braco and experience the gift of the energy right from our very home!

    We are all so blessed to be able to all be connected in this way! What I expereinced was pure Source energy flowing through Braco to all of us….we were the anchors….the energy flowed through us and to our Mother Earth and all of creation…. waves of love flowing out into the cosmos…healing our Mother Earth; transforming and healing us as well as the collective consciousness of humanity.

    Thank you, Angelika, for having the vision that made this all possible! Thank you, Jane and the crew for bringing our beloved Braco to us all tonight! Thank you, dearest Braco, for all you so selflessly give, without expectation of receiving anything in return. Love….. Love….. Love……………<3 <3 <3

  34. The first time I saw Braco, It was at the mind body and spirt expo in Pa. Several people had told me about him but I found it so hard to believe that a man could make a difference in my life just by gazeing into my eyes. The minute he walked into the room a feeling of knowing him came over me like I've never felt in my life. As he took the stage and as I watched him I knew not only in my heart but also in my soul I knew this man. Though I knew I'd never seen him before in this life time.

    While standing right in front of him at the gaze session every time he looked at me I could feel an energy going thru my body that I had never felt before. Within minute I noticed that my feet were no longer on the floor. I was floating 2 inches off of the floor. The people around me could not believe what they were seeing. One man on the right of me took ahold of my arm as if to hold me down so I would not float away. All of a sudden I could feel the energy going through my whole body. And sparks started shooting out of the tips of my fingers my hand had gotten very hot and I was afraid my skin was about to be burned. The people around me reacted to what they were seeing with a sort of a fear. They had no idea what was going on with me at that minute. The man who was holding onto my arm let go as if he was not sure if he should be holding me down.

    After the gaze session was over many of the people around me kept asking me if i was ok. And all I could say was are you kidding I feel better than I've felt in a  very long time. I have to say I do not understand what happened to me that day in that room all i know is I've found that my life has done nothing but go forward in a bright light every day. I look at life alot different  and the joy I feel now everyday is a gift that he gave to me and I will always to be greatful to him for reminding me how great life truely is. I feel there are no mistakes in our lives the people we meet are people who have always been in ours lives and at times they come back to us to remind us of the truths in life and to show us life is a joyful experance and we should always show it to others with the gifts we were given. He is my reminder  I will always be greatful to him for coming and giving me my little wake up call. Thank You My Friend I know I will see you again.  

    • holley757
  35. My life has changed in so many ways since I saw Braco on the island of Oahu in 2010.  That beginning of June he was on Oahu and I lived there at the time.  For 7 years I was estranged from my husband and in a divorce action at the time.  All roads were headed to the final divorce decree.  I went with an open mind and heart to Braco viewing for 2 seperate days.  The change that ensued within 10 months was life changing. 

    I now reside back in the marital home in Chicago.  There have been many positive changes that I would never believe possible.  I attribute this positive to my Braco experience.  I look forward to seeing him again in Chicago in a week from now.  Thank you Braco for helping this woman find her way home to a positive and loving marriage.  It was a leap of faith and not something performed in a counselor's office.  I heard a voice tell me in Dec. you can go home again.  That began my journey back home to my former life and marriage.

    • beautiful2
  36. I continue to experience miracles as I listen to the voice everyday. My communication with Braco increases and when I close my eyes I see his face continously . Sometimes it is just his eyes and the energy is sometimes very strong and sometimes just the gentle feeling of peace, depending on my need.

    I stood with my friend who was interested, to listen to the voice. She at first stood there with her arms crossed. That is a stand of blocking while we protect ourselves. I told her she could not cross her arms for that reason. Then she put her hands in her pockets, and again I told her she could not do that. She could have her hands any other way, just out.

    That time the energy came very strong and I was really hot from inside. Toward the end I had to sit down. That had never happened before. I had a deep pain in my right arm that nothing had worked to make it go away. In the session it did and has not come back.

    My friend experienced a pain in her heart and tingling in her hands. Afterward she said she knew her heart was blocked because all her life she had to protect herself. When she said that, she also said she had never put it in those words before. While doing this by herself when I loaned her The golden bridge, she said she saw her heart and it was totatally protected by branchesd intertwined around it. One time she saw in her head a small opening and light came through to her heart. I asked if she felt it and she did. She then said I don't know what I have to do to remove the protection around my heart. I said, that is the point you do not have to do anything. You just open yourself to the energy, and it can be gone in a second. It is the energy that will heal you and make you feel safe..not you. There is nothing to do but open yourself to receiving it.

    I visited my Grandaughers in Albuquerque. The one who had visited in the summer and stood with me while I did the voice, was having her 18th birthday. Her sister is living with her boyfriend and they have a 1 year old daughter, my one and only greatgrandchild. The 18 year old has not experienced any more pain since doing Braco with me in Phoenix. Her sister had never done it before.

    The first time I did the voice, Angelica sat on the couch with the baby. She said she was not paying that much attention and then felt a swirling energy in her stomach and felt light headed. Afterward she had to lay down for a minute. The next time she stood with me, and like me began to see his face with her eyes closed. Afterwards we sat down, and she said the only word to decribe it was Peace. She said grandma you don't have to tell me anymore about it. I have experienced it now so I know.

    She did it several times with me and one night we were sitting outside and she shared with me that I came at the very perfect time. This had helped her to release so much emotional pain she was holding in and she said I have a totatlly different attitude. She said she felt like herself for the first time in so long. I left the video with her and she does it every day. The baby is in a playpen and it calms her. I cannot even express how much this means to me to see and feel the healing of her heart. She said her sister, is feeling much better too.

    While I was there I talked to both girls about their father, my son. They shared why they are not talking to him. They shared their pain. He is in prison for quite along time and they finally got old enough to deal witth their own pain. They were also not speaking to my ex-husband, their grandfather who lives there. I spoke to both of them about leaving the past behind and living right now. In both cases their father and grandfather were hurting and I told them both, they needed them.

    In one day, I witnessed both girls talking to their father on the phone, and Tina the 18 year old, agreed to invite her grandfather and his wife to her birthday party. When her grandfather hugged Tina tight, he closed his eyes and was almost crying. I felt so grateful to see those I love heal and it meant so much more than my own healing.

    I continue to heal myself, feeling more and more at peace and love. One day at work, I had just got there and was signing on to my computer. I heard the music that is played when Braco gazes. I had brought to work. No one else heard it but I did. I found out later that my daughter who was living with me, told me that day she had the music in her head all day. She has never stood with me to do the voice but has been in the house when I did it. Of course her picture is on my board along with all my family and friends. She is very positive about this, knows it's power, and knows it is helping her. She is still off the drugs and is in school. Little by little she reminds me at times to be positive and know things work out. I have seen her shift situations quite quickly and so far things are working out for her.
    While I was in Albuquerque, and sitting out on the porch, all of the sudden I was seeing collums of rainbow energy appearing vertically. It was about 4 inches high. It contiuned and look almost like the form of a tree. Then 2 or 3 times, Braco appeared in the energy in living color. He was wearing a bright green shirt. I had never seen him in color. It was really cool.

    So no matter where I am he is always with me. I look forward to the opportunity to stand in his gaze. I do not know when or how that will happen, but I know it will. This has totally changed my life and given me peace that goes beyond words. I live constantly in well being and when things come up that appear not so good, I do not loose my peace and always know they will work out. They do every time.

    I have said for years, love heals all and now I am not only seeing that in my life and the lives most precious to me, but also I live each day with the feeling of well being and complete trust for my life and those I love. As each so called obsticle appears and is taken away very quickly, it is fun. Sometimes I laugh and realize how fun life can be when we let go of our own resistance to ourselve and life. Grounding in this love makes it not only possible, but probable. It just happens and life is good.

    I love you Braco for your gift and what you unselfishly give to all. As you told me, all the people that come to you, not everyone gets it the first time. If they are drawn they will keep coming to you and be healed when they are ready. I was so ready when I had my own first experience and it just keeps getting better. 

    • dallas
  37. Yesterday, my mother informed me about a dear lady named Helen ( I believe age 84),  who contributes like clockwork to the feeding of local feral cat colonies. My mother showed me an upsetting letter that she had received  from her with her recent contribution, in which she had described recent hardships and  traumas. I promised my mother  that we would go find her and check on her.

    When we arrived, she explained all that she had recently been through, including a fall in which she refused an ambulance, as she didn't want to leave her precious kitties, nor did she care to go to the hospital, as she claimed to not be the same mentally after a series of recent cat-scans. She also said that she had been experiencing a great deal of pain and burning  in her stomach area, and oftentimes was not even able to eat. We proceeded to go out to jumpstart her car, as we asked for guidance. Being that she did not have a dvd player, we pulled up Braco.net on my phone, and held the sunce and Braco's photo towards her as we walked behind her, praying for grace and healing for her, while envisioning a sunce on her.  We left her with a photo of both Braco and the sunce. 

    I just spoke with her this evening, found her in very high spirits, and she said that she is in NO pain and was even able to eat! I proceeded to share Braco with her, and several of the many miracles that we have witnessed. She is going to borrow a dvd player as she wants to see a dvd, and even expressed a desire to go and and see him in person!  

    We feel so very blessed to have met this beautiful lady, and are awestruck at the divine orchestration. We are so very grateful to have been able to share Braco with her, after all she has been through. We  have been fervently praying  for help in spreading the word about the Love and healing miracles that flow through his selfless gift to us; the actualization of this prayer brings tears. 

  38. Before i learned of Braco, the luck i had was worse than horrible! My senile mother  became really hate stricken and accused me of stealing money from her when in fact she borrowed thousands from me and left me nearly broke while i was trying to help her…i have heard from a few people that this is common and happens among the elderly but since she was a senior she got an attorney for free to go after eveyting i owned including my home! I was distraught, i could barely afford my attorney who was about to dismiss me as a client since the bills were racking up so highly and faster than i could keep up with. I knew it was a matter of time before my attorney was going to drop me and eventually i would lose everything with lack of funds for a defense, eventually putting me out on the streets.

    After i heard about Braco, i thought…well I'll give it a try. i watched him on youtube every day for a week and then i got an incredible call that informed me; my mothers attorney dropped the case telling her i didnt owe her anything and further more it looked like she owed me and he was no longer willing to handle her case against me!

    I stayed in bed for two days crying from relief and joy, and sleeping from exhaustion from crying so much that it was over, i couldnt believe it was finally over!

  39. I experienced Braco by watching the video The Golden Bridge loaned to me by a friend. I watched it twice and then discovered special features and clicked into the voice. As soon as he started, I felt an instant expansion through my heart and entire chest. It was a feeling I am familiar with through meditation which I called through another teacher the Vortex. It is alignment with the source within me and words cannot describe it except perfect peace. Since then I have done it every day with pictures of my family and friends. Miracles have happened with my daughter who has been a drug addict for years. She is saying and doing things I have never witnessed before. Yesterday she moved to her own apartment, will start school in two weeks, and continues to express her love for herself, and this time is getting clean for herself. Doors have been opening daily for her. I have hope for her in a way I never have before.

    For me this is an energy that increases. I am now seeing Braco's face in my head when I do this with my eyes closed and he speaks to me. It is amazing to start my day this way. It is alignment with my physical self and non physical self and goes beyond words. I have peace, joy and I know everything in my life will be ok. As he says, it will help us with the challenges of life. They come now and then but I am in peace as they happen and very quickly my life continues to move to a better place. I am so grateful Braco is here on the earth at this time. He shares his gift with us, we become one with this divine energy and as we are constant a light in this world is emerging. He is here to awaken us all to who we really are and awaken the power within us to change the world, one person at a time. He is doing that for me and his energy is reaching my daughter also and for this I am forever grateful.

    My granddaughter, almost 18 was here this summer. She has tumors on her ovaries. She has been treated for 3 years and has gone through much pain. Two mornings while here she woke up with the pain. She sat in the room with me while I did the voice. Afterwards, we were talking and all of the sudden she said the pain was gone. The next morning she woke up with the pain again, and this time she stood with me as I listened to the voice. At one point she was bending over in pain, so I took her hand. Together we stood and heard the voice. Again the pain went away and did not come back the rest of the time she was here.

    In the beginning I invited a dear friend of mine over to watch the video. She has fibromyalgia. Just watching the video, my dog Joey who died a couple of weeks before, came to the living room. She saw him, I did not. He sat in front of us and stared at the TV .It was as if he in spirit, was helping to channel the energy to my friend Gina. I was so touched and healed by this. I cried off and on the next day, knowing my beloved dog was ok and came to confirm and help with this gift of Braco. Also to let me know he was still with me and forgave me for having to put him down because I could not financially pay for an operation for him. In death he did not go peacefully but is at peace now.

    I am so looking forward to being in a gazing session when that happens. In the mean time I watch the videos. My favorite is the one taken in Hawaii. I stand with my pictures and listen to the voice each day. I have been on a spiritual path for about 27 years and have studied and been a part of many things. This I love, because it is pure energy and no words. The voice is in Croatian and there is no need to understand the words.  I did buy Angelka’s book and have read the words but with or without knowing what he is saying there is such a powerful experience that comes forth as a connection to the divine energy in all of us.  

    Miracles in my life, my friends and my family continue. It is a great relief and letting go to let the energy be directed at them as well as me. I trust in it and have seen it working. Dear Braco, please come to Phoenix or Sedona again, and I will be there  — dallas

    • dallas
  40. Dear Lillyana, We are currently working on an online streaming platform, and will make announcements in the months ahead when the technology is ready. We will post LiveStream opportunities on the events page of this website. Until then, we would strongly recommend that your husband watch some of the Braco DVDs and/or read ’21 Days with Braco’. These tools have helped so many people, even those with serious illnesses. Blessings to both of you.

  41. My husband just started a clinical trial for lung chondrosarcoma, there are only 2 cases in Whole Canada, He is 52 years old and never got sick in his entire live and all of a sudden he has chondrosarcoma, a very bad cancer with no cure- there is cartalige growing in his lungs, he worked many years double shifts in Canada without a day off and I believe the stress of it brought the cancer. Please help me find a way to access  on Skype sessions with Braco for my husband  Would anybody be so kind to let me know? Thank you very much.Love L

  42. haha sorry..i just want to add to the above statement.
    The first time I had seen Braco he brought this man I speak above that I love so much back too me.  He wouldn't of done that if my love's internal guide did not call for Braco thru me. :) and again, I am feeling so light and free! the excact opposite of the "normal" me.. Thank you so much Braco and Ivica! Ivica, I wish I could have met you also

    • jahjah
  43. I see Braco everytime he is in the southern california area. This past visit before i looked on the website at the dates I knew which weekend it was going to be. it was quite wierd and so i put it on my callendar. I have been suicidal since a very young age, trying several times. The events that unfolded the morning Braco arrived in Woodland hills pushed me over the edge so far that I have no doubt in my mind I would not be here today.  I went to Braco, like a zombie walking, I even talked to someone knowing I needed special needs because it was life or death and time was ticking.

    It is always a pleasure gazing with Braco. All day I did not feel anything. That night watching youtubes I felt a shift. I didnt know what it was, just that I felt it.

    The next day I actually could see beauty in people, but at the end of the day the love of my life told me he wanted me to leave that meth was more important than me.  I am sad but am not acting like myself. I have hope. I am not suicidal. I quit my job ?(i just think silly Braco) I am gonna find happiness for me. I have had a strange sensation on the left side of my head behind my ear.  All I can explain it is that angels are working on my brain.  Looking at my new sci amer mind magazine that is the destructive part of the brain. I will continue watching Bracos you tubes and pray for the man I love to pull out of what he is in. I can not beat meth but maybe Braco can. Thank you.

    • jahjah
  44. Yea! Finally logged in correctly, thanks to my husband,  by pasting the password in…only been trying to figure this out for months! LOL! We have soooo much to share….sooo many blessings and miracles both personally and amongst our loved ones!

    Most recently, my husband tore something in his forearm. We wrapped it in a scarf with a dvd and my sunce earrings several times. Each time we have done this, the pain has lessened dramatically! Initially, he was barely able to move it! I am reminded of when I found a lump on my right breast in January, after having been with Braco for the first time in October. Initially, I was a bit concerned, as there has been a history of breast cancer on my mother's side. This quickly shifted to a knowingness that this would simply be an opportunity for a great miracle to share with others! I remembered hearing Angelika say that people have placed dvds on the body for pain and various issues. This is what I did several times a day for around fifteen minutes at a time.

    In a matter of three days, it COMPLETELY disappeared!!!

    Also, doctors were concerned with what they saw in my 92 year old aunt's breasts. They decided that they would later retest. We brought her photo to Edison, and upon retest, the doctors could find NOTHING! Also, she fell around the time of Secaucus. We had brought her photo with us again. She is not only still cancer-free, but pain and injury-free from the fall! She said she doesn't know how, but to keep doing whatever we are doing!

    Friends of ours came to Secaucus. He had a heart transplant, two amputations, and was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease. The day after sessions, he went for dialysis. His blood pressure and heart rate had been consistently high because of the transplant. Only this time, they were both that of a thirty year old! The nurses thought that the machine was broken!!!

    Immediately after Secaucus, they also experienced profound shifts amongst their family! To be continued…..Thank you, Braco!!!!

    • ElizabethS
  45. There is a sense of happiness, gratefulness and love within me since I experience Braco that remains with me and expands with every time I attend his gazing. Thanks!!!

  46. I heard from Braco from my sister who visit him in Hawaii this year on 2011.  I was very skeptical but got surprised when she told me she got healing from her stomach illness when she came back. I was watching one of his videos with my kids and my daughter immediately started feeling intense heat from head to toes, after a few minutes my son experienced heat on his risk and his risk injury (Injury he did on his scooter) was not hurting the following day.

    I started recording Bracos voice for my mom from one of Bracos video's my sister purchase in Hawaii. After a few minutes I started feeling heat on my leg and some kind of energy moving from my left leg to my face. I thought, wow this is cool, I went down stairs and as soon as I started praying before dinner, I felt the presence of God, right in front of me and it was some immense power I can not describe in words. I started crying out loud and could not control my self. My kids and wife got surprised when all this happened. All I respond to them was that Braco was probably a chosen or a profet send here by God.

    Its been 3 weeks since this experienced, and I still feel the power glowing in my chest occasionally. At times stronger than other days. I been bless as a result I am a better men trying to love the people around me. I will try to come visit Braco in LA to thank him for the opportunity to meet God this close.

    • chivazo
  47. I first heard of Braco tonight, when a friend showed me and my wife a lovely DVD of his work.  I'm blessed that I have known other healers throughout my life, and Braco impresses me as a truly "Christed" one. I send my own healing energy and love to Braco. 

    • Charles S.

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