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His Beginning  •  A New Way of Life  •  Life Mission  •  Braco Today  •  Growing Recognition


His Beginning

As a young man, Braco walked away from his life of material advantages, security and comfort to embark on a new path of helping people to ease their sorrows and burdens by offering hope and relief through a gift he discovered he could share.


Braco1990sBraco was born on November 23, 1967 in Zagreb, Croatia, a small but beautiful country on the Adriatic Sea that was once a part of former Yugoslavia. As the only child of prosperous parents, his advantages were many, including his father’s doting attention. Yet his favorite pursuit from childhood into adulthood remained simple, spending time alone in nature. At age 24, Braco achieved a Masters degree in Economics from Zagreb University and followed in his father’s footsteps, launching his own company. Luxuries and material advantages surrounded Braco. Yet having what most people wish for from life, this material security was not satisfying and he yearned for something more meaningful.



A New Way of Life

Innocent and unaware, Braco had no idea that this yearning would lead to his discovery of an unwavering trust, even after a great tragedy, and would also require his acceptance of a great burden of responsibility that would come to benefit people everywhere.


Ivica&BracoIn 1993, at age 26, Braco’s mother introduced him to a charismatic man with a great natural talent, named Ivica Prokić. Ivica had helped her recover from severe migraine headaches, and he was well known in Zagreb for aiding suffering people without charging for his help. Ivica inspired such a deep trust, bond and friendship that it would form a new foundation and new way of life for Braco. At Ivica’s side, the young man found the peace, harmony and place that he had been searching for, and he immediately left behind his worldly lifestyle. It was Ivica who recognized a special talent in Braco and a larger purpose for his life. Yet none of this would unfold until after Ivica’s sudden death in 1995, when Braco accepted the responsibility of carrying on Ivica’s loving mission and gave his complete trust to the gift that Ivica, and later the people, saw he was meant to share.


Ivica gave Braco the name he carries today and from Croatian it translates as, “little brother”.



Life Mission

Braco is in service to the gift he shares.  His warmth, love and calm often inspire positive reactions and openness in people, enabling a personalized connection to be made to new and better possibilities for life and health.


YoungBracoOnly days after the passing of Ivica Prokić in 1995, the first people appeared requesting Braco’s help, and he gave it without thought for himself or his loss. A great responsibility was now upon him, bringing together the needs of the many and Braco’s unfailing trust in the gift Ivica had helped him discover. In this unique situation, Braco spontaneously recognized his natural talent, was sought out by people asking for relief from their difficulties, and was to soon be judged for his work.


Time would reveal the success of the help he offered through the growing numbers of visitor, and by people simply sharing their personal stories of being helped, spreading news of Braco to more and more people. At first, he used physical touch to offer aid to visitors and later brief words. He also saw people individually. Over the years, Braco’s discipline grew along with his ability to share his gift, until offering it could no longer be restricted by words or limited to one individual at a time. He and his way of sharing his gift evolved, and in 2004, Braco began silently gazing for groups up to one thousand, as people experience today. At this time, Braco also stopped speaking in public, allowing the results of his work to be shared simply through people who benefited. 



Braco Today

A common piece of advice offered to people experiencing Braco in some form is to simply be open to new possibilities; in the moments of his gaze, or while watching a film about him or reading a book about his life and work. Yet openness also needs us to trust in something that can help us.


BracoCrowdBraco’s life displays his deep commitment and devotion to aiding people’s lives, no matter their life circumstance, background or ideology. He freely shares his gift equally with everyone who visits him.  The silent gift he offers is shared without the necessity of words anymore, and he does not promote any teaching or give a philosophy about life. Braco has also never given a media interview. His sole focus is upon people and sharing his gift where he is invited. People are meant to judge his work for themselves.


Although many scientists and doctors have theorized about his work, the majority of people find the many testimonials and personal stories shared by visitors as the most compelling way to understand the rich possibilities offered to those who come to experience this gift for themselves.


Eleven months a year, Braco is traveling to numerous countries in Europe, the U.S. and beyond when he is not at his center in Zagreb, greeting visitors in gazing sessions. Through the years, visitors have commented on Braco’s natural stamina and enduring calm in the face of his rigorous schedule, as well as his endearing warmth that radiates to all he meets. Yet Braco views himself as an ordinary man, with normal joys and sorrows. He has simply found a way of sharing a gift that can offer relief and hope to many.


Braco is married and has one son, born in December 2000. He has a deep love and appreciation of nature and the sea, and most enjoys playing with his son in their precious time together. Like a typical family man, the company of his wife, parents and dear friends brings him much joy and happiness. Friends have noted that Braco maintains a child-like enthusiasm for life and all things new, yet remark that he also possesses a great strength that aids him in carrying the responsibility he has accepted.



Growing Recognition

Recognition of Braco and his work constantly grows, and since his international debut with record breaking attendance at the 2006 World Congress of Parasciences in Switzerland, he has been the subject of much media attention and has been invited to conferences in numerous European countries. Many experts from diverse disciplines have attempted to understand what they have called the phenomenon of Braco, and offer intriguing theoretical explanations.


miami-tv01-450In 2009, Braco was invited to his first conference in the United States and the warm reception brought more invitations to this country, with coast-to-coast tours taking place since 2010.  In the U.S., Braco has been the subject of over a dozen TV news stories, positively reporting on the beneficial effects visitors have experienced.


An invitation came for Braco to visit Japan in 2010, and thousands came out to experience him for their first time in this region of the world. In 2011, Braco accepted an invitation to Denmark, to meet another new audience. Invitations continue to come from more countries, and Braco work reaches out to more people every year.


Annually, thousand of people also come to visit Braco at his center at Srebrnjak 1, in Zagreb, Croatia.  There is no entrance fee for visitors, and no request for donations.


mysterium1webScientist Drago Plećko (Croatia) has been studying what he terms “the phenomenon of Braco” for many years. He describes the encounters with him as a “heart-to-heart conversation, a moment when we can savor the nectar of love, which can greatly affect us and make every miracle possible.” Further, he believes that it is very important that visitors maintain a mental connection to everything they experienced during the gazing, so that even at home, they can revive and continue the feelings they had during their meeting with Braco.


Drago Plećko is the author of three books, entitled, “The Mystery of Braco”, volumes one and two, and “The First Book of Healing”. (Available in Croatian and German) In these books, he creates a persuasive thesis that for many people, the gazings become a source of a “special power”.


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