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Gazing with Braco


In a timeless moment, we can see ourselves reflected back through Braco’s eyes during a gazing session in our wholeness and connected to something greater than ourselves. Here is the place of all possibilities, and an infinite love supporting the highest potential in all of us. Our minds do not need to intellectually comprehend what, how and why this is taking place; the gift comes to us instead as a tangible feeling that can spontaneously set us free – from old patterns, illnesses and limiting beliefs.

As Braco gazes at us and we gaze back at him during sessions, our strongest support comes through our feelings in those moments, which anchor what is uniquely here for us. Many people report a gentle action taking place as Braco’s gift touches them during a gazing bringing forth deep feelings of love, joy or a sense of being seen for the very first. Others report experiencing heat or a fire-like sensation activating areas in the body. This interaction can even awaken lost or abandoned hopes for good health, life purpose and a positive future.

Braco is like a conduit for a remarkable gift that has been proven through the testimonials of those who have been helped, and it is not limited by our current thoughts, unifying us beyond our present state of being. It can lift us to a place through a feeling alone, where spontaneous change can take place that flows into our bodies and lives to create a new foundation.

Through his silent gaze, Braco is showing us something present within – reconnecting our inner sparks to shine more brightly, to rediscover ourselves. Here we can awaken our own belief and faith in a great goodness within life, and present within us. Braco does not wish to be seen as a guru or saint, holding some great power apart; it is within all who come and only needs to be touched and nourished.

Many come to gazing sessions seeking help for specific issues. Here it is best to silently make your request in your mind during the session and open to the experience by allowing the moment to guide you inside. Let go, relax and pay attention to your body and feelings that arise. Other people come without expectations or specific issues to be helped, and they can relax with an openness to see how the gift will touch their lives. Our feelings hold more power than words and mindsets. This is why even skeptics or people who only come out of curiosity to gazing sessions can walk away often with a new life outlook, a physical healing or transformations in their relationships and more. And why latent talents can be awakened or relationships made better for so many.

People can bring photos of loved ones or children to gazing sessions and find help for them. Transformation, and even miracles flow in this way too. When we wish to help another, we naturally unify with Braco and the energy, and we assist to open a doorway for new, positive possibilities for that individual. Our hopes and faith in Braco and the gift offers us that foundation.

If needed, a way to calm the chatter of your mind in a gazing session is to focus upon making a simple commitment within, saying ‘Yes!’ to the gift, becoming more open to the positive new possibility it can activate or restore in your life.



Format of a Gazing Session

A session lasts 30 – 35 minutes each.

Tickets are collected at the door, and staff guides people into the gazing room beginning 5 -10 minutes before the appointed time of the session.

Those who are in wheelchairs, on crutches or with mobility impairments are seated in the room first in the front rows. Also, the elderly or people 5’3” or shorter may be invited to sit in the first rows by staff to ensure their ability to see. After these chairs are filled, seating is guided by volunteer-staff by rows as people enter the room.

People being seated are asked to please cooperate with the staff and not insist on specific seats in specific rows. This can hold up everyone (and please remember, the gift of Braco reaches everyone equally no matter where you sit). Seating is done in a very specific manner, to fill in all seats in the front middle section first. It is important that people are not spread out, but close together for the gazing – even if extra seats are available in the back of the room or in side isles. Thank you for your consideration and help in making the seating process smooth and timely, and please remember that our volunteer staff is doing their best job to seat according to these guidelines.

Once everyone is seated, the gazing room doors are closed for the session. No one will be admitted after the doors are closed to avoid disruptions for the group.

A ten-minute introduction will be presented by the event host – with a brief history about Braco and information about the gazing session structure. This introduction is meant to provide everyone who is attending for their first time with key information and a basis for understanding what is taking place.

At the close of the introduction, the group will be asked to stand for the gazing and Braco will be introduced. (People who cannot physically stand will remain seated.)

A special music is played and Braco will take the stage to silently gaze for 5- 7 minutes. As he gazes at everyone, it is recommended to gaze back at him and simply relax.

Once Braco leaves the stage, the audience will be offered two minutes of silence to complete the integration of their experience. People may remain standing or reseat themselves after Braco leaves the stage.

Next, the event host will return to the stage and offer an opportunity for several people in the audience to share their personal experiences.  Then the host will make any final announcements and everyone will be asked to exit the gazing room. The doors will then be closed to prepare the room for the next session.

People who attend multiple sessions should leave the room with the group and join the line for the next session they wish to attend.

It is recommended to take a walk in nature if there is an opportunity after a session. Nature helps us to ground and reconnect gently to the quiet within.

Braco DVDs, books and sun jewelry will be available on display in the lobby area for anyone wishing to bring home a tool to reconnect with the gift of Braco.


A Note on Distractions:

It is important for us to keep in mind the reason why we have come to Braco. If you cannot sit exactly where you wish, if someone is surly in line next to you or something else takes place to darken your thoughts, please just let this go. Remember that you have come to see Braco, and this is all that is important. Many people come to gazing events with life difficulties and some with serious illnesses, so please be patient with others and know that Braco’s gift is there to reach out to everyone.


General Gazing Questions:

How many gazing sessions should I attend?

A gazing session is a very individual and personal experience, and it is best to trust your own feelings as to how many to attend. Some people are content after one session, and other people are enthusiastic about attending many or even all sessions. They report that they experience a build up of the energy inside and a cumulative effect taking place in their lives. And every gazing session experience is uniquely different.


How many photos should I bring to a gazing session?

It is recommended to hold one or two people’s photographs in a session, and not more. You are connected to the loved one you wish to help, and it is best not to try to focus on too many people at once when asking Braco’s gift to assist their life.  If you have many people’s photos, just come to more sessions. Note: Please bring paper photos. Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off during all gazing sessions.


Is it important where I sit during the session?

Braco’s gift reaches us equally anywhere in the room. People may have preferences, but the energy does not, so whether you are in the first or last row, the experience can be the same.


Can children attend gazing sessions?

The energy could overburden children, so the sessions are not open for visitors under the age of 18. It is best to bring a photo of your child to a session.


Is fasting recommended before a session?

It is very important to eat before attending a session or especially if you are attending several sessions. Because of the potency of the energy, it is important that the body has fuel inside. A small number of people faint during gazing sessions, and it is usually because they have been fasting and the body cannot stay grounded in the experience.


What music is played during the session?  

A staff member at Braco’s Center in Zagreb, Croatia created the special music played while Braco gazes. It is not available on CD or online. It is, however, present in all Braco DVDs.

One Response to “Gazing with Braco”

  1. I STRONGLY FEEL THE  BRACO'S ENERGIES ARE COMPASSIONATE,AND ONLY COMPASSION IS THERAPEUTIC.  AND BRACO IS THE TOTAL PROOF OF COMPASSION WHICH IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF LOVE.THE BELOW MENTIONED WORDS ARE  SAID BY OSHO (AN INDIAN MYSTIC OF HIS TIME) REGARDING COMPASSION……  Yes, only compassion is therapeutic — because all that is ill in man is because of lack of love. All that is wrong with man is somewhere associated with love. He has not been able to love, or he has not been able to receive love. He has not been able to share his being. That’s the misery. That creates all sorts of complexes inside.   Those wounds inside can surface in many ways: they can become physical illness, they can become mental illness — but deep down man suffers from lack of love. Just as food is needed for the body, love is needed for the soul. The body cannot survive without food, and the soul cannot survive without love. In fact, without love the soul is never born — there is no question of its survival.   You simply think that you have a soul; you believe that you have a soul because of your fear of death. But you have not known unless you have loved. Only in love does one come to feel that one is more than the body, more than the mind.   That’s why I say compassion is therapeutic. What is compassion? Compassion is the purest form of love. Sex is the lowest form of love, compassion the highest form of love. In sex the contact is basically physical; in compassion the contact is basically spiritual. In love, compassion and sex are both mixed, the physical and the spiritual are both mixed. Love is midway between sex and compassion.   You can also call compassion prayer. You can also call compassion meditation. The highest form of energy is compassion. The wordcompassion is beautiful: half of it is passion — somehow passion has become so refined that it is no longer like passion. It has become compassion.   In sex, you use the other, you reduce the other to a means, you reduce the other to a thing. That’s why in a sexual relationship you feel guilty. That guilt has nothing to do with religious teachings; that guilt is deeper than religious teachings. In a sexual relationship as such you feel guilty. You feel guilty because you are reducing a human being to a thing, to a commodity to be used and thrown away.   That’s why in sex you also feel a sort of bondage; you are also being reduced to a thing. And when you are a thing your freedom disappears, because your freedom exists only when you are a person. The more you are a person, the more free; the more you are a thing, the less free. The furniture in your room is not free. If you leave the room locked and you come after many years, the furniture will be in the same place, in the same way; it will not arrange itself in a new way. It has no freedom. But if you leave a man in the room, you will not find him the same — not even the next day, not even the next moment. You cannot find the same man again.   Old Heraclitus says: You cannot step in the same river twice. You cannot come across the same man again. It is impossible to meet the same man twice, because man is a river, continuously flowing. You never know what is going to happen. The future remains open. For a thing, future is closed. A rock will remain a rock, will remain a rock. It has no potentiality for growth. It cannot change, it cannot evolve. A man never remains the same. May fall back, may go ahead; may go into hell or into heaven but he never remains the same. Goes on moving, this way or that.   When you have a sexual relationship with somebody, you have reduced that somebody to a thing. And in reducing him you have reduced yourself also to a thing, because it is a mutual compromise that “I allow you to reduce me to a thing, you allow me to reduce you to a thing. I allow you to use me, you allow me to use you. We use each other. We both have become things.”   That’s why…watch two lovers: when they have not yet settled. the romance is still alive, the honeymoon has not ended and you will see two persons throbbing with life, ready to explode — ready to explode the unknown. And then watch a married couple, the husband and the wife, and you will see two dead things, two graveyards, side by side — helping each other to remain dead, forcing each other to remain dead. That is the constant conflict of the marriage. Nobody wants to be reduced to a thing!   Sex is the lowest form of that energy “X.” If you are religious, call it “God”; if you are scientific, call it “X.” This energy, X, can become love. When it becomes love, then you start respecting the other person. Yes. sometimes you use the other person, but you feel thankful for it. You never say thank-you to a thing. When you are in love with a woman and you make love to her, you say thank-you.   When you make love to your wife, have you ever said thank-you? No, you take it for granted. Has your wife said thank-you to you ever? Maybe, many years before, you can remember some time when you were just undecided, were just trying, courting, seducing each other — maybe. But once you were settled, has she said thank-you to you for anything? You have been doing so many things for her, she has been doing so many things for you, you are both living for each other but gratitude has disappeared.   In love, there is gratitude, there is a deep gratefulness. You know that the other is not a thing. You know that the other has a grandeur, a personality, a soul, an individuality. In love you give total freedom to the other. Of course, you give and you take; it is a give-and-take relationship…but with respect.   In sex,it is a give-and-take relationship with no respect. In compassion, you simply give. There is no idea anywhere in your mind to get anything back; you simply share. Not that nothing comes! millionfold it is returned, but that is just by the way, just a natural consequence. There is no hankering for it.   In love, if you give something, deep down you go on expecting that it should be returned. If it is not returned, you feel complaining. You may not say so, but in a thousand and one ways it can be inferred that you are grumbling, that you are feeling that you have been cheated. Love seems to be a subtle bargain.   In compassion you simply give. In love, you are thankful because the other has given something to you. In compassion, you are thankful because the other has taken something from you; you are thankful because the other has not rejected you. You had come with energy to give, you had come with many flowers to share, and the other allowed you, the other was receptive. You are thankful because the other was receptive.   Compassion is the highest form of love. Much comes back — a millionfold, I say — but that is not the point, you don’t hanker for it. If it is not coming there is no complaint about it. If it is coming you are simply surprised! If it is coming, it is unbelievable. If it is not coming there is no problem — you had never given your heart to somebody for any bargain. You simply shower because you have. You have so much that if you don’t shower you will become burdened. Just like a cloud full of rainwater has to shower. And next time when a cloud is showering watch silently, and you will always hear, when the cloud has showered and the earth has absorbed, you will always hear the cloud saying to the earth “Thank-you.” The earth helped the cloud to unburden.   When a flower has bloomed, it has to share its fragrance to the winds. It is natural! It is not a bargain, it is not a business; it is simply natural! The flower is full of fragrance — what to do? If the flower keeps the fragrance to itself then the flower will feel very, very tense, in deep anguish. The greatest anguish in life is when you cannot express, when you cannot communicate, when you cannot share. The poorest man is he who has nothing to share, or who has something to share but has lost the capacity, the art, of how to share it; then a man is poor.   The sexual man is very poor. The loving man is richer comparatively. The man of compassion is the richest; he is at the top of the world. He has no confinement, no limitation. He simply gives and goes on his way. He does not even wait for you to say a thank-you. With tremendous love he shares his energy. This is what I call therapeutic.   Buddha used to say to his disciples, “After each meditation, be compassionate — immediately — because when you meditate, love grows, the heart becomes full. After each meditation, feel compassion for the whole world so that you share your love and you release the energy into the atmosphere and that energy can be used by others.”   I would also like to say that to you: After each meditation, when you are celebrating, have compassion. Just feel that your energy should go and help people in whatsoever ways they need it. Just release it! You will be unburdened, you will feel very relaxed, you will feel very calm and quiet, and the vibrations that you have released will help many. End your meditations always with compassion.   And compassion is unconditional. You cannot have compassion only for those who are friendly towards you, only for those who are related to you. Compassion is all-inclusive…intrinsically all-inclusive. So if you cannot feel compassion for your neighbor, then forget all about meditation, because it has nothing to do with somebody in particular. It has something to do with your inner state. Be compassion! unconditionally, undirected, unaddressed. Then you become a healing force into this world of misery.

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