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FREE Live Streaming with Braco
The gift of love can burst the heart wide open to make life sweeter & richer! 


Schedule for the Next Live Stream


To participate in an encounter with Braco’s Gaze, simply click on the button: Live Stream

Across land and sea, people will be connected for this loving experience. Some have shared that meeting Braco’s gaze brought about a turning point in their lives, and others recount wonderful experiences and emotions.

We wish you all the best for these FREE STREAMS – enjoy your encounter with Braco’s giving gaze!


heart The Braco-TV team would like to express special thanks to all those who support this endeavor, and make it possible for everyone without financial means to have free access to the Live Stream events.
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• Must be 18 years of age or over to live stream or attend a live event.
• Pregnant women are not allowed to live stream or attend a live event after their third month of pregnancy due to the intensity of the energy.
• People with illnesses are advised to follow the recommendation of their doctor before and after participating in a gazing session.
For your children and for other people who are not able to attend a session, it is recommended that you bring a photo of that person to a session instead. The power of Braco’s gaze can equally reach people through photos, and the same level of healing and transformation can occur through this method. (No cell phone are allowed on during sessions, so please print your photos.)


Legal Disclaimer

The sessions with Braco are not related to a specific religion, church, or ideology. They are open to everybody independent from religion, race, color and culture. Braco does not promise any help or cure and the session with him is no replacement of medical help or therapies, which your doctors prescribed. Please follow the advise of your doctors at any time before and after your session and continue consulting the doctors for any health problem. Braco tries to give something to his visitors in addition to the help of the doctors, but he does not replace the use of doctors, medicine and therapies.


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