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With Braco, comfort can be found in the warm familiarity of an encounter that opens our heart and enlivens hope once again.


Those meeting Braco for the first time commonly note this inviting feeling of familiarity, even friendship and trust. Others report this connection growing with time, becoming a uniquely personal foundation as their lives are enriched by the gift Braco shares. Braco’s work on behalf of people everywhere, to better lives and offer renewed hope, has been taking place since 1995, helping people in many countries; including Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, the United States, Austria, Switzerland and Japan. And this list is growing with new countries offering invitations for Braco to visit.


In an encounter with Braco, he offers his gift to visitors through his silent gaze. Whether meeting Braco in person, or through an online Live Stream experience, an interaction ensues between Braco and his visitors, which many scientists studying Braco’s work have reported takes place beyond the level of traditional ‘energy healing’. The result of this encounter for many people begins with positive feelings arising. Such feelings act to catalyze enriching effects, for some not only in the individual’s emotional well being and health, but can grow to beneficially influence family, relationships, workplace and inspire a greater connection to people in general.


Numerous medical doctors have documented findings before and after their patients met Braco’s gaze, reporting recoveries, even occasionally defying accepted medical explanation. Many visitors, including doctors and scientists, have called Braco’s gift “extraordinary”. Yet Braco does not promise a cure to anyone, and only offers the possibility that the gift he shares may help in some way. He encourages us to an understanding that this gift is completely natural and within everyone. Braco does not control this gift or decide who receives help, but offers it with love to people to decide for themselves.


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