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Behind the Gift

Description of an Invisible Power
[From Europe at Braco-info.com. Braco has been working across Europe for over sixteen years and only began touring in the U.S. in the beginning of 2010. A considerable amount of information has been written about Braco over the years by doctors and scientists in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Croatia, and much can be gained from their years of experience and study of this unique phenomenon to help us better understand Braco's gift.] 

How is Braco working? What happens and what is creating those feelings and reactions with his visitors?

Those questions are not easy to answer. Experts like Prof. Alex Schneider (Founder of World Healing Congress in Basel, Switzerland ) and Drago Plecko (Croatian Scientist) have been researching and analyzing Braco´s work and successes for years. There is no clear explanation which can tell us in detail what happens, and why people have strong reactions or even receive help in hopeless situations. But whether it is Prof. Schneider, Drago Plecko or Dr. Harald Wiesendanger (International Institute for Outstanding Healers) – they each confirm that the impressive reports from Braco´s visitors prove the success of his work, and show that something flows through Braco, which can change the lives of thousands of people and solve even fundamental problems in health like cancer, epilepsy and psychological problems.

Braco himself says that he is not a healer, and that it is not him who is helping the people. He tries to send his love and his warmth to visitors and he feels that something positive is flowing through him to the people while he is gazing at them. It is not necessary that he looks at everybody individually. He is gazing to the group without moving his eyes or his body, and he is gazing at everybody together at the same time. During those moments, his visitors concentrate on his eyes, and they often feel a touch of love or experience heavy physical reactions and warmth or tears in their eyes.

Prof. Alex Schneider explains that "Braco is taking the people up to a higher level of consciousness. During those moments when he is gazing at us, he is lifting us up to this higher level where we can feel who we really are – and this is much more than just our physical body. He brings us home to ourselves!"

Schneider also says that a group-session is more effective than an individual session because the group actually helps everyone to get to that higher level.

The Croatian scientist, Drago Plecko, has been searching and analyzing the work of spiritual masters and healers all around the world for over 30 years. When he finally met Braco, after having done extensive work to gain a vast knowledge, he was deeply impressed. He stated that he never experienced such a strong and positive power and effect on people anywhere else in the world. Mr. Plecko explains in his book, The Mystery of Braco,  why Braco is so outstanding and powerful. He analyzed dozens of cases and compared Braco´s work with all available literature and knowledge about healing, energy, psychology and physics. With impressive results, Mr. Plecko explains Braco´s abilities in three different categories:

~By the idea of "bhuttatmas" from the Vedas, based on the work of Dr. Neil Boyd, which means that we can change the material world through our consciousness.

~By the activation of a key energetic point, which connects our consciousness with the source of all natural laws and the power of nature.

~By the results of "Global Scaling" from Dr. Hartmut Müller.
The most amazing result which Plecko found and described is that "during the sessions with Braco, various time lines can be experienced" and he compares that experience with a spiritul awakening. This is not of the same kind as we usually would describe as an awakening process.

Dr. Harald Wiesendanger sums this all up in one sentence when he says, that amongst those over 1000 healers which he searched and analyzed, Braco and his results are outstanding and unique.

And Braco´s visitors confirm all of this with ongoing reports on how they received help and how their lives changed since they have been coming to feel and receive what Braco is trying to give to them. Obviously the effects are not only created during the sessions. Most of the visitors take something home from Braco to continue and prolong the effects of the sessions, and to keep a mental connection with Braco and this invisible power. And they report that they do in fact feel that energy again at home while watching the films or reading the books of Braco.


The 3 Phases of Effect
Drago Plecko, a well-known scientist and parapsychologist who has been researching Braco and his work for over three years, found out that the effects of Braco on his visitors can be split into three levels or phases. Based on his findings, he gives following advise to visitors:
1. Try to understand!
Try to understand that Braco is not a healer in a classical sense of the word. He is not emanating electromagnetic fields, which we can measure with instruments. His "modus operandi" is based on the notion that there is a sort of collective consciousness operating in our lives. You can imagine a pool of common consciousness and your problems and anomalies as tiny shining dots in that field. You feel too weak to dissolve these dots and change your situation radically. That is why you are here. Braco is one rare human being that has the ability to affect these anomalies in your life by lifting you on a higher spiritual level, whether you realize this or not. It happens by his mere presence. At that moment, during the session, your thoughts are becoming extremely powerful and you can use them to help yourself, to solve your health problems, conflicts in your family, emotional blockages or even financial situations.


2. The second problem is that every experience fades away with time.

However, most visitors want to keep it and prolong its action in their life. There are two ways to do it:  

The first one is more orthodox and this is writing a specially designed diary, "The First Book of Healing". This is the way to extend Braco's silent intervention in your life. Additionally, you are writing some suggestions that are there to remove all resistance from your subconscious mind and to open yourselves completely to that energy, to that unconditional love, which only few can give.

The other way, which is less orthodox, is watching any of the videos or DVDs with Braco. It is based on the phenomenon of resonance. The three-dimensional image of Braco on the screen strongly reminds you of these moments with him and is creating the same state of mind. That is called the resonance. It is scientifically proven. The same applies to the effects of the golden sun, Braco´s symbol. This symbol obviously effects you in your sub-consciousness, where you can feel that you can be connected with Braco through that symbol at any time you wish and you can feel what is flowing through Braco without being with him.


3. The third topic are the books from and about Braco.

In these books, you can read about the details of Braco´s biography and learn more about him and Ivica. The books also contain advice for your daily problems and some amazing case histories of people that were helped by Braco in most unexpected ways. Why is it good for you to read it? We all have doubts – we are the civilization of greed and doubts. That's why knowing that somebody before you made it, got healed or resolved the problem you have, is encouraging for you. It gives you a needed boost that removes depression and lack of faith. Read it in a relaxed manner and see how much closer to Braco you can become."  – Drago Plecko

These explanations from Drago help us to understand more about Braco and this power and energy. His findings have been confirmed by the reactions of the people and by the effects of the books, the films and the golden sun. If you would like more information about the films and books available in the U.S. in English, please visit: Braco DVDs or Books

One Response to “Behind the Gift”

  1. There are no words to describe my thanks to you for dedicating your life to helping lost and hopeless people like me. My eyes well up with tears just thinking about it. I wish you the greatest success in all that you do and the greatest gift of all – unending happiness!

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