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Special United Nations Event Announcement

“Braco” to be Featured Guest at United Nations’
SRC Event November 16 in New York City

Braco, who has shown unceasing commitment to helping people in countries worldwide, and whose work has garnered International critical acclaim, has been selected to be the featured guest for a special United Nation’s Staff Recreation Council (SRC) event sponsored by the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation. The invitation-only event is scheduled to take place Friday, November 16, 2012 at the Church Center for the United Nations. Emmy-Award winning musician Jim Oliver will be performing as special guest for the event.

The event presentation will highlight Braco’s work over 17 years which has served to better lives and offer renewed hope to people in many countries including Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, Japan and the United States. Guest speakers from UN member organizations will address ways that Braco’s gift may present new opportunities in global peace-making initiatives.  During the special event, United Nations Staff, Representatives of UN Accredited NGO’s and Mission Members to the UN will have the opportunity to collectively experience the gift that Braco offers through his silent gaze.

We are excited to share this news with all of you in our International community, who have been instrumental in bringing Braco’s gift to the world.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is not open to the general public due to very limited seating, and is by invitation only to UN Community members and special guests. However, the general public is welcome to attend sessions with Braco at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan on November 17 – 18. Ten sessions are offered each day. For more Info: New Yorker Event


2 Responses to “Special United Nations Event Announcement”

  1. it is Nov 16, 1:15pm in florida. We swim through the ether to un-chapel in NY and gaze with our friends and send <3<3<3 to the universe. love and peace

    • keiki ka la
  2. wow! such exciting News! Braco is Guest at United Nation´s SRC Event in New York! The representatives of Countries will know him. that is so great! Thank you so much Angelika and Michael, lots of love to you…

    • stimmgraz2

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